An evening stroll from books to street music. CDMX . November 22

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Festival of Living Letters

The Festival de las Letras Vivas book fair will have a general theme of Day of the Dead, since it will be dedicated to writers who have already passed away, however, their legacy, through the books they wrote, is more alive than ever.

Said the blurb


But c'mon, Who doesn't enjoy books? Who is the Philistine amongst us? Who is the one not wanting to enhance themselves by reading a good book?




The last thing one would expect to find in a book fair in Central America, the secret life of adolf hitler and other assorted strange stuff.




It sure was an eclectic mix of classical writing , crap.




Add a few pop LP's to the mix, and my wallet stayed in my pocket.

" Mum. mum, MUM!, what's an LP?"
"Go and ask your father he is doing nothing I am busy"
"Dad, dad, DAD! what's an LP?"
"Quiet son please, go and ask your mother, i am just listening to some pop tunes on vinyl"


China town

Barrio Chino, never did I expect to find somewhere like this here in CDMX, it is only a small area near to the main square and houses around 3,000 folk of Chinese heritage.





As well as a popular touristic area, it is also a living working area for many.



Stores selling tourist tat, authentic Chinese giftware, and many eateries to pop into




Let's be honest who doesn't enjoy the pleasure of the occasional ad hoc Wang Wang


Random stuff and awesome street music

As the sun sets, and night approaches, 'tis time to leave, as an early start awaits me in the morning






The Mexican Marigold, the traditional flower associated with life and death whose scent guides the dead and is given as an offering during the Day of the Dead......I think I am not far off?

There was a lot of street entertainment going on, you know the script, jugglers, fire eaters, some fucking idiot trying to play the mouth organ.

Then and then, oh boy I was mesmerised for a short while I wanted to go nowhere.

I wonder if they will release an LP.





A lot of interesting stuff there. Interesting reading material. Lol. Umbrellas are nice looking. What is with the weird human shaped bag handing from the ceiling? Strange 😆

yes a great wander and have you never danced with a headless corpse? you are missing out

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Wow, I guess you must have had lots of fun in that Chinese place. I can see a lot of attractions especially the street food vendors, I particularly love these ones and when I am a tourist anywhere, I just search for street food... Hahaha
I didn't know there were still bookstores showcasing Hitler's secret or even open lifestyles in this era. He was crap and should not Pop up at all in the annals of history.

cheers @sashatechno thanks for stopping by, have to agree with you street food, yum yum!

This... left me 😵

I'm not going to dance there even if they pay me.

LOL! have you never danced with a zombie? You are missing out!

Hello, very interesting post. Top photographs 📸 Thanks for sharing ☺️

@grindle me ha encantado tus imágenes, esas fotos callejeras cuentan mucha historia, gracias por compartirá

cheers @fotomaglys Gracias por visitarnos y gracias por sus amables comentarios. Te lo agradezco

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