Here is the middle bit. Tbilisi. Georgia. September 22

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First up to any newcomers to my world, you have gone and missed part 1.

Boredom I reckon is such a disabling feeling. Go to your grave regretting the things you have done than rueing the things you have missed. Do not let boredom be one of your emotions.


"Well said" woofed scooby doo


Can one ever get bored walking streets like these?


Now heading back in the general direction of the city a myriad of narrow streets






There are I am led to believe suburbs in Tbilisi that are wealthy, but I bet they are not as interesting as the true ancient streets, where the real people live. I read somewhere that a couple can lead a relatively comfortable life on as little as £1,300 per month.





Or upgrade to a better apartment for an extra £500 per month.



How many feet have stood on the steps, how many informers hid in the shadows, watching listening looking. During Uncle Joe's purges tens of thousands of Georgians were murdered by the regime.


Time to take a break, and rest my weary bones.

Pretzels! Why? The mayonnaise of snacks. left untouched by me, ready to be placed in front of the next imbiber.


Touristic Tbilisi

At the edge of the old city now, Abanotubani to be precise, an area known for its ancient sulphur baths.




Situated on the edges of Leghvtakhevi Canyon, these baths have been in existence for centuries and are still used even today for relaxation and health benefits. No happy endings here!



An ancient stone footbridge spans the gorge


Now adorned with the padlocks of loved up couples


"Sqwuuuuuack" said Polly, " Do I look like a fucking padlock to you?"

"No, but you are chained to the railings"

"I know, I just want to fly free and enjoy life, but my despicable owner has to make his £1300pm somehow; photographing me sitting on the tourist shoulder. Would you like a go? I promise not to shit on your shirt"


"Nah, you're alright , I shall stick to padlocks"


How awesome is that, a fucking waterfall in the middle of your town?
The Leghvtakhevi Waterfall, tumbles 75ft into the canyon, and is the end, can't go any further this way



Onwards and upwards we go


Ah! A happy ending


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Me he perdido la primera parte, pero debo decir que de ésta parte intermedia ame la cascada le da un toque de magia a la ciudad.

cheers @noalys Gracias por pasar por aquí y por tus comentarios. Sí, la cascada fue una alegría inesperada.

¡Espero que esta traducción de Google tenga sentido!

That photo of a dog is amazing! It's like: What do you want?!?! Well, you know what.. I actually don't care.. take a photo and leave 😂

cheers @delishtreats yeah a gorgeous big hound, striking a pose lol

The painted bricks are cool. Nice colors. Looks like a brick would fall on your head if you walked anywhere near that one building..

yes, very precarious!

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