In and around Zocala CDMX November 22

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The Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City, (CDMX), in the old town is referred to various names but is commonly known simply as the main square.


It is surrounded by many large and imposing buildings including The Metropolitan Cathedral.


But today buildings are of no interest.



It is the day before the festival of "Día de los Muertos", my foremost reason to be in this part of the world. ( I digress as my time in celebration will be spent in Oaxaca. Watch this space)


The crowds were still out, it was manic, our leader requested any backpacks should be worn on the front as the thieves and pickpockets would be out in abundance. Uncomfortable but needs must I guess.



There were a lot of these altars set up on the square


and a lot of individuals dressed not solely for amusement, but to pose with the selfie indulgent instasnapabollocks a cost of a few shekels.



Buy a cake, buy a mask, or join in and support the truth brigade.


Protesting about the police corruption in Mexico. Which is rife, seriously rife.





Extreme makeup most definitely attracting photographers like yourself !LOLZ

!PIZZA for dinner,
!WINEX to follow.

Yesterday a clown held a door open for me.
I thought it was a nice jester.

Credit: reddit
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This is amazing to view, I wonder how Halloween celebration will look like there

cheers @iskawrites thanks for stopping by, CDMX was Ok, when I upload Oaxaca in a few days time that is more in depth, hope you pop in and have a look

Looks like a colourful celebration of the dead. It is amazing that death is not a sad event but a reason to party. I am sure it was nice to be there for the famous celebrations.

Death is inevitable. Not worth worrying about, I think it is fantastic the way they go about it

Yes - I totally agree.


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