Insigne y Nacional Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe. October 22

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Once upon a time,15th Century to be precise, in a land far far away, Mexico to be precise, lived a poor Indian man, though some say he was a prince called Cuauhtlatoatzin. Who, as a convert to Catholicism, was one December day making his way to mass.

He was visited by a vision of a woman surrounded by a heavenly glow. Apparently she spoke to him in his on language, that's fucking amazing, identified herself as Mary, that's a cool Arabic name, and asked he tell the Bishop to build a shrine to her on the hill she was on.

It is stated he had not been drinking nor taking drugs. To cut a long story short, the Bish, told him to "fuck off and get some proof",

Well....... that is what he did, he went and got himself a second vision, just three days later folks! She told him to gather roses off the nearby hill ( bearing in mind this is the middle of winter) as proof.

He, wait for it, wait.


So he picked them, stuffed them inside his cloak visited the Bish again and guess what!

When he opened his cloak out fell the roses, but leaving a perfect imprint of Mary visible on the cloak where they had been stored. (sure beats seeing the face of JC on a piece of over done toast)

The Bishop built the shrine. It led to mass conversion of the indigenous population to Catholicism

Mind Control

Fuck me! seriously?

I am not alone

His existence, has been been questioned by both Catholics and non-Catholics, another miracle, his name was changed to Juan Diego! and he was beatified on May 6, 1990, and canonised on July 31, 2002. By the Polish pope


Of course the original church is long long gone, here is the New Basilica of Guadalupe.or officially, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Construction started in 11974 and was completed in 1976.

It stands on the edge of a complex know as Atrio de las Américas.



Templo Expiatorio a Cristo Rey.


The Polish pope, you know, the one who before he got promoted, actively covered up for and delayed the investigation into Marcial Maciel, the drug taking Mexican kiddy fiddling priest perverted piece of shit.

Form your own conclusions.



The Basilica Bell Tower, an architectural masterpiece in its own right, completed in 1991 it stands an impressive 72ft and holds 49 bronze bells.





An area where by lighting candle the igniter is signifying that their god's light is eternal.



Let'us go and take a blimp inside


Cavernous is a word I would use, got to admire the architecture. The roof is self supporting and the whole concrete structure is sitting atop 344 piles driven into the ground for stability.



They seem to have continual services in this faith, which prevented me from getting any closer, they seem a lot fussier than some places I have been in where one can walk around aimlessly snapping away.



"My god, that's an impressive organ"said then actress to the bishop


That apparently is the image of Mary the Virgin of Guadalope, the most famous and visited icon in the whole of the country


In the words of the late great and long departed Irish comedian Dave Allen

"Goodnight, and may your god go with you"


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