Svetiskhoveli Cathedral , Mtskheta. Georgia. September 22

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...........another day, another place of worship.


Am I jaded, losing the plot, being negative? Nope not in the least, I may have no interest in fairy stories, have no need for a crutch. But if you do well good luck and may your god go with you.


I am here to admire the architectural beauty of the buildings and the artistic frescoes from ancient times.


........most though have undergone heavy restoration over the years.


Built in the 11th century of the common era the cathedral is "ahem" sitting on the robe that JC was wearing when nailed to the cross.

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a jew by the name of Elioz, who, has fortune had it, was travelling in Jerusalem when he stole and brought here the robe; he gave it to his sister who collapsed and died in a fit of passion of the faith and it was buried with her..........Then 10 centuries later this behemoth was constructed over where they thought her grave was.


"Seriously?" said the hound resting in the morning sun.


It is often said that the journey is better than the destination, to get to the Cathedral was a wonderful stroll along cobbled streets past shops and stalls offering the weary traveller everything from.




....fat bottomed girls

_DSC6408.jpeg make the rocking world go round





With a good variety of touristic locally made handicrafts for one and all.







I digress, back to churchy stuff.



None of the frescoes are original! Back in time to the 1830s, Emperor Nicholas I was scheduled to visit Mskheta, Russian authorities destroyed the galleries and whitewashed over the frescoes in an attempt to give the cathedral a "tidier look";

Guess what? The Czar never even came.



A spaceman came traveling on his ship from afar
'Twas light years of time since his mission did start

© Chris de Burh




Get this: There is a legend, about the architect of the cathedral, Arsakidze,

Arsakidze's patron and teacher was so jealous of his success that he used his influence with the king to have the architect's right hand cut off.

That's a bit harsh













The look you are given when you are caught out watching pornhub


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Medieval religious drama comes to mind, places of interest in ancient works, historical value yet many suffered too.

Nice captures!


they were it seems quite unforgiving and brutal....if the story can be true

The way people treat each other today I am quite sure they did similar in the past, we appear to never learn from our history in cruelty or greed.

good points well made as ever @joanstewart

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Wonderful stroll towards the church. You saw so much.
Sometimes the journey is more important indeed.
Great captures @grindle
Happy Tuesday!

just remember when you visit New England, it is a holiday, not a house move ....again!! 🤣🤣

Hahaha !LOL
Nope, no house move… I will have fun and enjoy this vacation 😊

Did you hear about the Irish guy who was assasinated at the antique store?
It was a knick knack paddywhack!

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good stuff !!

Thanks 😎
Enjoy your weekend.

Beautiful church - pity about the frescoes. What stories surrounding this structure. Thanks for explaining because I was wondering how the robe got that far. Jealousy is truly sinful - that patron was so ungrateful ending the career of the architect.

cheers, yyes they were quite brutal in those days !!

Wow, this place looks really interesting. The photographs are also very interesting. Thank you for sharing. 😃

cheers @name0 you are most welcome thanks for taking a look