Tbilisi. Variations on a theme. September 22. A start, on a journey to the end via the middle over a few various uploads.

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Tblisi, loved this city, such contrasting contradictions of loveliness. Away from the touristy bits in the main.

I loved it that much that today I left "the ladies who drink wine and shop" to enjoy their time on an organised route march to various museums..... and holy shit! you are kidding me! churches? Oh my days. See ya tomorrow.


Be warned right here right now. This is my route march, starting to the east of the city.



When I am wandering.
When I am snapping.
I get carried away.


I can't help myself.
I bin two thirds of the snaps.
But if it isn't in the camera.
Then who knows what I have missed.
Thank fuck I am not using 35mm film!

Upload overload.

I try to win your hearts and minds, your love, your everlasting support by keeping my content short, shortish, of medium length.

So my lovelies I have split my wanderings into bite sized nibbles. So please join me as we see random bits of


The old


And the new

"FFS cut the crap and get on with it Jesus H Christ on a bike, why have you gone all Sidney Sheldon on us?"



Just abandon your bashed up vehicle on the road seems to be the order of the day




Ancient balconies signs and gates




This little wander started somewhere waaaaaay beyond the Georgian Church (enjoy ladies!). Just me, my trusty snapping machine and two cans of red bull


Georgian firearms law prohibits convicted felons and mentally ill individuals from owning firearms.

Well that's a relief







Russian warship: "Snake Island, I, Russian warship, repeat the offer: put down your arms and surrender, or you will be bombed. Have you understood me? Do you copy?"

"Russian warship, go fuck yourself."

Slava Ukraini


I had seen this from the city centre the previous evening, and was intrigued, the closer I got the more interesting it became. It looked like a birdcage



it was in fact the Georgian national University, a medical campus and associated medical facilities.




The Georgian offices of SOCAR, the Azerbaijan state owned gas and oil company


The Georgian Head Offices of pissheadsoftheworld.com.

"Bring a bottle a jug a jar, any size and we will fill it for you, MOONSHINE"




Colourful kids denim jackets. Gotta love the inspirational Frida Kahlo.


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Wow, such a contrast with the old and new.
Some buildings look like they crumble away any moment.
Great captures, thanks for showing us these opposites 😎

cheers @littlebee4 hope you are enjoying New England

Cheers @grindle
Oh I so am 😎🍂🍁 going of the beaten path into the mountains… very interesting hehehe 🤭
Enjoy your day!

nice enjoy your day

Thanks, will do 😊
Enjoy your Thursday.

This city seems to me sensationally a city of contrasts, quite big differences between those glass buildings and those houses with bars on the windows.

yes indeed, wonderful when you get out of the city and wander through the suburbs

This is also one of my pleasures, yes getting lost on such streets in the suburbs.

I like old and new combos. I especially like grungy shots and narrow wonky streets though. You found some good ones I see.

cheers @leaky20 , yes wonky was good . tbh Tbilisi is a gorgeous city of contrasts

Just went to a Georgia restaurant for dinner tonight. Would you recommend the country for holiday?

without question, it is a stunning country, team it up with Armenia its neighbour, both offer so much to see and visit. Deffo in my top 10 trips

They're not top tourist hot spots, but sometimes it's nice to go to less popular places. I'll probably true to get to Georgia sometime to visit martibis, the guys who owns Pinmapple

yes they are not a tourist hot spot, but to me that is perfect, they still have fantastic infrastructure and places to eat and sleep

Your trip was pretty lite, loved the walk. Say those buildings sure looks old, what city is this??

Tbilisi x

Wow! Tbilisi is beautiful though I can perceive it to be an old City with lots of relics. It's indeed a 'contrasting contradictions of loveliness'. Thank you for sharing.

cheers @sashatechno thankds for stopping by, it is a wonderful city trust me lol. There are a couple more uploads to follow, I hope you enjoy those too.

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cheers @livinguktaiwan @pinmapple thanks for sharing the love

Old back alleys great explore, modern city I like the tree. Signage pretty different, perhaps moonshine required to get home to old balconies !LOLZ

Looks interesting stark reality between two parts of the city.

Why did the visually impaired man fall into a well?
He couldn't see that well!

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yes contrasts indeed, overall I think there is more old than new

Old is interesting, new is clinical, still enjoy old town feel.

yes love vintage but admire new architecture