When the sunsets. Tbilisi. Georgia September 22

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Have to say I loved the two nights(and days) I spent in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. these snaps are from my wanderings that took place on one of those nights.

Safely away from the ladies that drink wine and shop, my time to wander and follow the lens.



The old town, to be my final destination as somewhere in the myriad of old streets was to be my watering hole. An Irish bar!!!!


The Kura River spanned by the Bridge of Peace




Precariously perched


Crossing into the old town on the hunt. Hunger pains, dry throat both need satisfying.


Awwwww crap do I or don't I, the best donuts in the world ever, but they are a breakfast thing or a mid morning snack. I need meat and alcohol.





Back of the net!!! The first two didn't touch the sides, a proper Irish Pub, selling proper Irish nectar. The third supped relatively slowly as I perused the menu.


The 4th and 5th whilst I enjoyed the most succulent BBQ'd ribs.
I really hate odd numbers, don't you? They are stupid, so a gentle one for the road, just to even it up, that's all. Call it pudding!


From here on in I cannot be held responsible for wobbly snaps.
Blame the Irish.


At the time I am sure I thought " fuck me that's a big moon."
Now I blame the Irish


No sooner was I sitting on the roof top terrace taking in the warm night air, when flash bang wallop!







As a footnote the bill in the Irish, came to just over 62euro, 14 for the food and 48 for the Guinness.

I blame me.


I would love Tbilisi too, especially in that hour when you have taken those photos (not blurry) and I'm one of those who trades meat for a donut.

LOL @nanixxx , thanks, it was a lovely wandering. and the meat was good too

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No, not "blame"!
Maybe, 'praise' or 'salute'?
But I'm going with 'worship' 😂

Who changes the season when Summer is over?
No one, it happens Autumnatically.

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Worship is a good word when bowing to the iconic black stuff!!!!!!

that's a big moon

Hahaha, it was my first thought too 😂

But I had just coffee ☕ 😉

So much for coffee making one more alert and heightening the senses.....LOL

I wish I could enjoy beer or coffee, but just ginger tea right now as I am 🤒...

Ginger tea is nice, but as you are....... hyper active? over tired? bored? sad?

...with a sore throat and runny nose :/

ah ! get well soon x

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Extraordinary natural beauty at night.

cheers @mnurhiver , I thought so too

Blame it on the Irish, super night out ending on a terrace view what more could one ask for?


Cheers to that!!! A fantastic last night to the trip.

Looked like a blast!

The guinness helped lol

No arguments there...


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Awwwww crap do I or don't I, the best donuts in the world ever, but they are a breakfast thing or a mid morning snack. I need meat and alcohol.

Disagree. How about night carbs? 😅

At the time I am sure I thought " fuck me that's a big moon."

I was sure it's a huge moon until put on glasses 😉

And damn, how I miss the fireworks! Didn't see them for ages

never indulged in night carbs LOL, maybe I should get a sugar buzz , keep me up all night!

the fireworks, I never found out why, but it was a good end to the trip

Beautiful shots. The night is indeed a beautiful night

cheers @iskawrites , thanks for stopping by, I am happy you enjoyed my wanderings