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Bienno is a Lombard municipality located in the middle of the Camonica valley has a population of about 4000 inhabitants but a vast extension of land about 30 km2 this is due to the historic center, the new village and the fact that they are inserted in a wide valley.
According to some studies, already in prehistoric times Bienno was frequented by the ancient Camuni so much that on the Cerreto hill a stone called altar stone was found, certainly linked in ancient times to a place of worship or observation of the stars.
Traces of the Roman Empire They date back to a short time before the birth of Christ in 375 AD. Barbarian populations arrived here and finally in the sixth century AD. The Lombards settled.
The Benedictine monks introduced in Bienno the use of water mills a choice that for Bienno proved to be fundamental it is possible to hypothesize that already around the year one thousand the construction of the first artificial sections of the VASO RE began, which conveyed the waters of the Grigna river to supply the energy to the wheels to move the hammers that forged the iron, flour mills and sawmills.
In 1400 Bienno had the century of maximum splendor and Thracian remains in the monuments, historic houses and towers of the ancient medieval core.
Until 1700 Bienno underwent the Venetian domination that exploited the art of blacksmiths for the production of weapons and tools of various kinds.
In 1634 a landslide that blocked the Grigna torrent caused a flood that destroyed bridges, churches, forges and several houses, giving way under the weight of the water, 157 were the victims and as many heads of cattle.
The second industrial revolution Made it difficult to keep up with industry enough to force the forges to close, but this did not stop the expansion of the country in number of inhabitants and surface area, however, the two world wars did.
In 1992 the first edition of the Bienno Market Show was born, a pride of the town's artisan exhibition.
In 2008 Bienno was named "one of the most beautiful villages in Italy" and became part of the orange level touring club.

For more information visit: http://www.mostramercatobienno.it/











IL borgo degli Artisti a winning idea to be replicated in the world, for a more artistic world!

Borgo degli Artisti is an association of local administrators and resident artists, based in a building called the “Casa degli Artisti” in Via Carotti and mainly develops activities in the historic center of Bienno.
Every year in Bienno through an annual competition announcement some emerging figures in the artistic field are selected who will have the opportunity to live the experience of artistic production hosted by the municipality that will finance them in a realization campaign aimed at creating artistic and cultural interaction and spreading the experiences of the artists in the area.
The Santa Giulia Academy of Brescia offers deserving students the opportunity to get in touch with this reality
The flow of national and international artists favors tourism in the shops of the historic center.











Bienno is an ancient village that has a modern and compelling vision on the challenges of the future and stands out and stands out for its strong and marked propensity for the world of art, an example to follow and replicate!
Mostra Mercato is an event that takes place every year in the historic center of Bienno which gathers mainly Italian but also foreign artisans and artists and which has as its concept that of creating an artistic exhibition in the streets, squares and alleys of the Borgo bringing it back for a day to Full life.
On this occasion we can really find everything from wood craftsmen to ceramics to painters to modern artists, marble workers, exhibitors of artistic furniture of various kinds, then we have musicians, dancers, masks and many attractions. The old hammers powered by water from the Re river and the mills that grind the grain for the production of flour come back to life.
In short, Mostra Mercato is definitely an event not to be missed and who knows maybe if you are artistic enough to participate as exhibitors!










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