Church of the Holy Trinity in the town of Gervyaty

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When I visit new places, I am especially attracted by religious places and abandoned objects. Arriving in Minsk, I couldn’t help but go and see one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in Belarus - the Church of the Holy Trinity in the town of Gervyaty.

The church was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries according to the design of the Polish architect Vaclav Mikhniewicz in the neo-Gothic style. For the construction of the temple in Gervyaty, a brick factory was specially launched, producing high-quality bricks. In September 1904, the church was consecrated.

The height of the church spire is 61 meters and against the background of the rest of the low-rise buildings of the town, the temple looks especially majestic.

Until the beginning of the 21st century, the area around the church did not stand out from the ordinary landscape. But the new rector of the temple, Leonid Nestyuk, over the course of several years turned the practically abandoned wasteland into a vast landscaped park with well-groomed paths, flowers, rare plants and shrubs, as well as sculptures of the apostles.

When I was in the town of Gervyaty, the bell tower of the church was surrounded by scaffolding, it was being repaired, but services were held.

Services are held in the church in Belarusian, Polish and Lithuanian. The town of Gervyaty is small and there are not very many parishioners at this magnificent temple. The bulk of visitors are tourists. Although, in my opinion, for such an interesting place, located among good roads, there are also few tourists. From the capital of Belarus, Minsk, to the town of Gervyaty is less than 200 kilometers, from the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, to the town of Gervyaty is about 75 kilometers... by our Siberian standards, these are very short distances.

The Church of the Holy Trinity has its own organ dating from 1882, created by the Vilnius music master Florian Ostromecki. Currently, the church hosts organ music concerts, which attract organ music lovers from Belarus and abroad.

In my opinion, this place is very interesting in terms of tourism, but is still underestimated.

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