Quick chill out in this Amazing place! MONTEBELLO VILLA HOTEL 🫶🏻

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Hiyeeeee, Hivers!

Today, I’m going to share my experience during our chill out with my uncle aunt at Montebello Villa Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines.


Actually, I’m not part of this hang out hahaha This is just “me time” of my uncle HAHAHA but he invited me there so, I went there hahaha


I enjoyed every corner of this place, this was so relaxing, so peaceful. I was also amazed the back yard of our room. All green, so calm. To picture it out I’ll drop a picture below.


I stayed at the Hotel for just three hours, I just wanna swim in the pool.haha It’s been a long time since I bathed in the pool, because it’s all work and work and work haha but still no money hahahaha


In regards to their room, no need to worry because you can get the rest you deserve for working eight hours a day with their fully airconditioned room, big and comfortable bed matched with all those aesthetic designs. He got it for Three thousand nine hundred pesos.


While relaxing in the pool uncle ordered a mango milkshake, so delicious.

And also I want to witness how beautiful the place is. Because I heared a lot of good feedback of this Hotel and guess what?

Montebello Villa Hotel is the oldest existing hotel in Cebu, Philippines, opened on Febuary 1972. Amazing, right?

Despite existing for five decades, the entire property still maintains its traditional charm combined with contemporary amenities to cater for the needs of the local and international guests. Plus, the friendly staffs.

Over all, this place is Instagramable!!!
I love it!!!


Hope you guys can visit this place, I swear you will not regret it! Hihi


It’s an epic fail for my outfit because I forgot to bring a swim wear, so since it’s not allowed to wear cotton shirt in the pool, what I did was to take off my shirt. It’s so embarassing, I’m not used to wear revealing outfit. Haha But it was a nice experince tho.haha

That’s all for this blog, hope you enjoy reading this blog! ☺️

This is, @island.girl! See you in my next blog, Hivers! ☺️....


Island Girl

A girl raised on the beautiful island of Samar. Your future educator and now your Hive content creator. I love exploring new adventures, so watch out for my next blogs.

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I love how you took the photo of the 2nd to the last pic: instagrammable, aesthetic and it feels like one of those photos in Pinterest huhu I love it! Thank you for sharing!

Thank youuuuu! ☺️

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