Indulging in Dreams and Delights: A Taste of Pink Perfection at the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

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During my recent trip to Singapore, I set out to explore new tourist attractions I hadn't visited before. While searching Klook, I stumbled upon the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) Singapore. The very Instagrammable pink rooms and the promise of unlimited ice cream sealed the deal for me. Plus, this is the first branch of MOIC outside of the US.


When we visited, it was a really hot day, which was perfect timing, I guess, because it put us in the mood for some ice cream to cool off.

Even from the outside, the pink-painted building with a big sign reading "Museum of Ice Cream" was already enticing. So pretty in pink!


Before starting, we received a quick orientation from our guide, who provided instructions and insights into what to expect during our tour inside the MOIC. He mentioned that we could take our time in each room, but once we proceeded to the next one, there was no turning back. Additionally, we were asked to choose ice cream names for our sticker tags. Fortunately, I came prepared and didn't need time to think. My ice cream name is "Kareninutella Crunch" 😁



The museum showcased numerous witty and amusing ice cream names of celebrities. Naturally, I sought out Taylor Swift's ice cream moniker and found it: Taylor Split—so witty! 😂

The Museum of Ice Cream Singapore boasts 14 unique themed exhibits, each offering a distinctive and interactive experience.

Our journey began in a room dedicated to the history of ice cream, featuring sweet and intriguing trivia alongside vintage ice cream paraphernalia, including antique scoops and advertisements.

We then entered a room adorned with pink backdrops, perfect for capturing photos. I especially enjoyed posing in front of a melting mirror and under a sign that said “Scoops of Fun”.

Following that, we stepped into the California Dreamin’ room—a pink beach resort straight out of California. This room is so Barbie-coded. We indulged in our first ice cream here, with available flavours being strawberry and chocolate. I opted for the strawberry Häagen-Dazs.

In the next room, we encountered magnetic alphabet letters, where we manifested our dream of attending Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.


Two months later, my friends and I, all certified Swifties, were thrilled when Taylor later announced her Asian dates, with Singapore being the only stop in Southeast Asia. Manifesting worked for us, and we got tickets to her 2024 Eras Tour, surviving the great war with over 22 million people— the biggest demand for any artist in history. So yeah, manifesting works! 💓

The Scream's Diner followed with its 1950s American diner vibes, checkered floors, and functional jukebox. After admiring vintage vinyl records on the walls, we enjoyed another ice cream cone at the classic diner-style counter.




As we proceeded, large balloons marked our way to the next room, leading to a famous arched pink walkway—a highly photogenic spot in the museum.


The next room featured a huge bouncy castle. As a kid at heart, I couldn't resist trying it, though I graciously gave way to the real kids who were busy fighting behind me. 😂


The Potong Room celebrated the local Singaporean treat, Potong ice cream, featuring giant Potong ice creams. We had another ice cream at the Potong ice cream stand.

A room with a curtain piqued our curiosity. Upon opening it, we discovered the Infinity Room—an awe-inspiring experience with mirrors creating infinite reflections and a ball pit filled with silver and dazzling disco balls. Alone in the room, we danced to the music and took videos and selfies. It was pure fun.

Inspired by classic dragon playgrounds, the Unicorn Playground featured a giant unicorn with a spine stairway that led to a small slide. There were also fruity swing sets. Here, we enjoyed an ice cream sandwich.


Next was a dark room filled with mirrors and glowing neon ice cream installations—the Ice Cream Maze. This room provided the perfect backdrop for photos. It even had a ring light for capturing the perfect shot.

Passing through a cool and colourful banana archway with facts about the banana split, we reached a postcard room where visitors could leave notes.



An arts and crafts room followed, allowing visitors to fold ice cream trucks as keepsakes. Although short on time, as a cheesecake lover, we couldn't resist trying their strawberry cheesecake ice cream.


Finally, we got to the Sprinkle Pool—the Museum of Ice Cream's signature room. Filled with over 100 million antimicrobial biodegradable sprinkles, we had a blast swimming, wading, and taking photos in this vibrant, fun-filled space. It was the perfect place to relax after indulging in ice cream and exploring the uniquely themed exhibits.


MOIC Singapore offers a fun and interactive experience for people of all ages. It's the ideal place to unwind, have fun, and capture cute, Instagrammable photos. I really had a great time with my friends. It is definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves pretty pink backdrops and, of course, lots of ice cream. I hope you enjoyed this quick and colourful tour!🍦💓


Join Karenina as she ventures into a world where adventure and dreams intertwine. She believes in embracing life's uncertainties, pursuing passions, and finding joy in the moments that make life extraordinary. 🌈✨

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The colors of the space are great and very good in that museum ;))

Yes! It really was a visually captivating and joyful experience. 😊

Pink is always success to make me get surprise...

Absolutely! Pink just has that magical touch of surprise and joy 🌸

Wuauu que lindo ese lugar, colores rosados brillantes, me encanta amiga. Saludos y bendiciones

Realmente lo fue, ¡especialmente para los amantes del rosa! 💕¡Les mando todas las buenas vibras, saludos y bendiciones! ✨

Just when I thought that seeing a full dressed woman in pink is too much.. now I got a completely new explanation to what "too much" actually means 😂 Anyway, it's still something that you don't see everyday and it's definitely worth a visit 😁

Sometimes, a bit of "too much" is just what we need. 😅 It's definitely a must-visit for a unique experience 😊

Absolutely! That does being it's contribution to creating something unique for sure 😊

This place is so pretty
I love the colours too. Hope to visit this place too and other places in Singapore. Hope you had a great time @itskareninamoi

So pretty and pink! You should definitely visit, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. Safe travels and happy exploring!💕🍦

Amazing museum!! You clearly had a great time over there which is absolutely perfect!! I’ve never heard about this museum but it seems to be really fun!

We really had a blast. It was my first time hearing of an ice cream museum too! If you ever find yourself in Singapore, you should give it a go for a fun and pink experience.

I definitely will!

What a cool place and a total experience. Such fun things to do and take pictures of. Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely! It's a blast from start to finish. So glad you enjoyed the share!🍦✨

Así si provoca comerse un rico helado, en un ambiente tan rosado como ese j ajá, se dice que el color rosado causa un efecto de tranquilidad y relajación, me imagino que estabas súper tranquila cuando lo comías

Oh, vaya, no lo sabía, pero seguramente me sentí relajado y súper feliz al disfrutar de un delicioso helado rodeado de toda esa delicia rosa. Gracias por la información 😄 ¡Deberías probar esto pronto!

Algún día será que lo pruebe.

Museum of Ice Cream? 😃😃 how delightful. New bucket list item.

Oprah Winfreeze got me 😄.
I've had fun at this museum vicariously, through you. I hereby manifest that I'll visit it sooner than later. 😉

Yes, who knew museums could be yummy 😄 You should def add this to your bucket list. The names are witty, right?😂 Manifesting for you too and looking forward to your ice cream name.🍦

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