Chill at the Roro Port

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It was Saturday afternoon and we craved to eat seafood. So we went to the newest food hub nearby.

My wife and I love to explore different food hubs. And it happens that near our place, there is a new one. It is located in a port where is supposed to be a port for Roro, Cordova Roro Port. But at the moment, it turned to be an area for people who want to chill with their friends or family. There are lots of things you can do here. Plus, a lot of freelance photographers in the area where they took candid shots of people.

Because the place is beside the sea, people here love to chill on the seafront, either having a good conversation over food or drinks or just enjoying the sea breeze and the view of the ocean. There are a few who can't resist the temptation of the water and they go swimming, especially the kids. Even a lot of people visit here, the locals maintained the cleanliness of the place. And as responsible citizens, we took responsibility for the trash.

The main attraction of the area is the food from the different food stalls and restaurants. There are various kinds of foods that people can enjoy here. From seafood, street food, Korean or Japanese food, milk tea, coffee, and a lot more. And the prices are very affordable. In our case, we chose to enjoy the taste of seafood and the delicious soup of Bulalo. Not to mention that while eating, fresh air from the sea added a very appetizing ambiance to the area.

Aside from the food, a lot of people came here to burn some calories thru biking, jogging, or simply breast walking. One of the reasons why Cordova Roro Port is one of the favorite spots for some photographers, it's because of what we called PITIK or SHOTS, and subjects can grab their photos online for free, either early morning or late afternoon. Photographers upload their photos in a private FB group or their respective FB pages. Motorbikes are also one of their favorite subjects, and of course, some of the pretty faces. It is just a place that you can simply enjoy even just by sitting at the side of the road and having a conversation or taking photos. Or, you can shop at the stalls for souvenirs, accessories, clothes, shoes, and others. If you wonder if the place is a one-stop shopping area, well, it is not. There are only a few vendors who displayed their products.

I mentioned earlier that it is a Roro port, but you can't see any Roro here. Instead, there are many small boats in the area. And also a boat for tourists for island hopping. The Roro port is a large area and the one where we visited is just a part of it. There is still on another side where we can find a lot of seafood goods. This is the part for visitors who wants to unwind and chill. And I guess, this place helps the lives of the owner of the different stalls that are here. It is booming, well, the way I see it.

And my favorite part of visiting the area is witnessing the sunset. I have a lot of photos of the golden hour or sunsets, and I will never get tired of capturing it. If you happen to visit the area, I suggest doing it in the late afternoon. Because the sea is calm, the atmosphere is not hot, and more stalls are open. And of course, the color grading of the sky because of the sunset. It is a natural beauty that I will always mesmerize, especially when I am with my wife.


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I visited this place once. The photos you capture looks good. !discovery 15

Thank you! 😀

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This place is nice to hangout. 😃

Indeed! Foods and great view are perfect to chill and have a god conversation with friends and family! 😃