Exploring the Splendor of a Beautiful Park | An Unforgettable Trip

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Happy Eid to all users of Hive Blockchain. The most interesting place I have explored this Eid holiday is a park located in Saidpur. The name of the park in Bengali is "Rongdhonu Park", which translates into English as "Rainbow Park".

I have visited Rongdhonu Park before. However, this time several infrastructural developments have been observed in this park.

First let me give you an idea of how to get to the park. You will not feel any discomfort while traveling in this park. Because the park is located next to the highway. So you can go to the park very quickly by bus, micro or autorickshaw.

This beautiful park is located 17 km away from my locality. At first I went to Saidpur by autorickshaw. My friend's house is located near the park. I met my friend at Saidpur. Then I walked with him to the park.

After entering the park, I saw a beautiful bridge. Last time when I visited this park, this bridge was under construction. The new bridge was looked great.

As it was a holiday, the park was very crowded. The main attraction of the park was the various rides. Several exciting rides are arranged in this park for the entertainment of kids and adults.

I like the atmosphere of the park. There are many plants around the park. Due to which the park is shaded and visitors will not feel uncomfortable visiting the park even on hot sunny days.

There are many seating arrangements in this park where you can sit and chat with your friends, family or loved ones for a while.

There are several eateries in the park. Various snacks and cold drinks are available in these shops. There are also several street food shops. I have shared with you the pictures of various street food shops. Some spicy and colorful foods are available in these shops.

Finally, I will say that I spent some wonderful moments with friends and brothers in the pleasant atmosphere of the park in the autumn afternoon. So I will also recommend you to visit this park. If you ever come to Saidpur, Bangladesh, you can visit this small park to enjoy your leisure-time.

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Thank you for reading ❤️


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Wow you have a lot of fun in your friends! Keep doing that @jishan5 ! And the place is very beautiful there's a lot of fun activities 😍

I have a lot of fun with my friends and enjoy my traveling moments with them. Thank you for this beautiful comment ❤️

@jishan5 A day to enjoy with family and friends in this magnificent park.

It was a memorable day in the park. Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment.