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Life lately has been a race, because a series of activities at work are jam-packed in a month and that doesn't end there, some of the paperwork is to be done urgently. I felt drained and dazed as to where I should start and what to do first. Okay, Lemme' take a break! I have to relax my mind and soul for the next battle of life.

Recently, we had a reunion with my classmates during my high school years and found a relaxing and vibrant place where we could reunite and a whole lot of chikas. Allow me to share with you as we set foot at the tempting place of Ligodon Beach Resort, San Remegio, Cebu.


San Remegio has a lot to offer! I thought I explored the whole area of this place but nah! I was just dreaming during daylight. There are more I haven't discovered and wanting for more travels soon.

Behold..... And let's take a deep breath for an awe-inspiring view of the resort.



As I set foot on the beach, I cannot wait to dip and experience the coolness and its clean water. Seeing the view seems like a canvas painting but it's super real. The sea was inviting me to dive but I didn't bring any swimming attire due to some reason. The vast area of the sea seems calm, the white fine sand, and the blue clear sky, perfectly combined to repair my damaged whole being.



I walked right, then I saw a bounty of nature. A series of coconut palms and other kinds of plants were perfectly arranged in the corner of the seashore. Indeed, repairing and healing oneself is FREE! One doesn't need to spend more just to be happy and whole again but if we initiate to choose nature, then it's freaking FREE!




Farther from the beach itself, I saw a shaded area with boats orderly parked under the coconut trees. The lively and radiant picturesque view of the resort was just a haven! I have seen dogs leisurely walking along the shore, I think they're residents here as they were confident of walking without their human friends.



Ligodon Beach Resort has the simple yet elegant image of nature's rich tapestry. It is a perfect place for get-togethers, bonding with family and friends, or even dating someone. Also, it's budget-friendly where one can enjoy the sea and the view while it's not hurting our pockets.



Speaking of budget-friendly, we rented two cottages good for twenty people. The spirited color of the cottage seems inviting matched with green Bermuda grass and other plants surrounding the area. It has only six cottages available hence, beachgoers should have to book before going. Also, it has limited area BUT other beachgoers can stay on the fine aisle of shore.




Other classmates were bringing with them their families and I regret having left my kids at home. Anyway, we can come back here if we have time since it's just near our hometown. I'll probably love it and come back for more. I'm sooo in love with everything here.




Sun, sky, and the sea... What a perfect combo! I can stay here forever gazing at this perfect match. One thing I realized when I hit the adulting period was that. I prefer going out to nature than leaving home for a party. I mean, I'm not a partygoer but I don't want something loud and noisy or so many people around unless they're family and friends. Choosing nature is always the BEST!



I let my classmate capture these wonderful small waves of the sea. Leaving the pebbles and fine sand in awe.

These three pictures were sent by my friend since after taking this picture, I got tempted and swam with this attire🤣

She was one of my closest friends during my high school days. Glad that she'd come and join the group. Now, when we're about to go home. I felt humid and wanted to dip at least for how many minutes but I fell in love with the waters! I didn't bring slippers since it's already fine! This was different from other beaches that I visited. This is a highly recommended beach🫶.

How to get there 👣

📌 From Cebu City, ride a bus bound for Hagnaya. Or if you ride a bus bound for Daanbantayan, you can drop yourself at the crossing (stop light) of Polambato. Many tricycles are going anywhere in San Remegio.

📌 Just tell the tricycle driver, to Ligodon Beach Resort. Directly, you'll U-turn to Eskina Anapog. From there, you'll pass the famous, San Remegio Beach Club, Elegant Beach Resort, Rica and Orongan Beach Resort. Then, the next beach is the Ligodon already.

📌 You can use Google Maps or Waze for the exact location.

📌 There is signage of their name for easy locating.

That's it Hivers. Thanks for reading my blog and have a nice day!

~I joBEElieve I can, so you can🫶🤗


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San Remegio is so beautiful. It's our go-to place whenever we want to go to beach🤍

It's true. This part of San Remegio is what I love most🤗

very beautiful place.

Thank you so much 🫶

You're welcome, I hope you always have a nice day

Ka nice sa beach. Gwapa gyud ang beach basta sa SANREMEGIO

Trueeeee sir! Bibalik balikan gyud ni

Ganda talaga ng tubog ng dagat niyo jan compared dito sa north.

Outstanding work on Woc, @jobeliever! suteru(1/2) is grateful for the care and attention you've put into creating this post. Your efforts are truly valued.

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Saan parte nang north sa inyu po? North din po ito. Thanks sa iyong woc and pimp🤗

I mean north ng Philippines, La Union Part kami lagi gumagala pag dagat.

You must be killin' it out here!
@suteru just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @jobeliever.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Sitting on the edge of the beach, the sky is very beautiful. Beautiful trees are also found along the beach.

Indeed! I can sit at the edge all day just by watching the entire scene 🫶

I could live there.

Big time.

Just need a hammock and satellite :D

It's very true! That's what we called 'life'🤗

Well... your life ain't bad at all! :D ❤️

What magnificent place manifesting to have a trip there 😊 @jobeliever

Kaaaaaaaayu 🫶

Indeed it is a perfect place to unwind and relax at the same time. Kanindot jud basta beach. Vitamin sea kaayo.

Trueeeee kaayu @amoreyl. 😉🫶

The view is refreshing. Perfect way to relax and recharged.