Our husky tour in Lapland, Finland over the snow and campfire with hot drink

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Hey guys,

Today I want to tell you a little bit about our husky tour in Lapland, Finland. We had booked this tour well in advance, as these tours are often fully booked well in advance. So we stood at a meeting point, which we had been sent by mail before, and waited for a small shuttle bus to pick us up at the Apukka Resort, because we had booked the tour through the tour operator Apukka. This operator is known in the region, because they offer not only husky tours, but also campfires, snowmobile tours and many other things.


So now we were standing at the meeting place waiting, but no one came. After waiting three quarters of an hour, I asked a nice passerby for his cell phone (mine unfortunately had no reception) and he was so kind and gave me his phone. Unfortunately, I was directly pushed away when I called the resort, so we first went to the cafe. Arrived in the cafe we wrote an email and about five hours later they answered us back. After some back and forth writing we had agreed that we could do a tour on another day and get some discount.


The day after next we were picked up by a big shuttle bus and driven to the resort. Here you can see the entrance of Apukka Resort, it was all very nicely done, I thought. There were about 30 of us on the bus, so it wasn't a "private" ride there and it didn't feel as exclusive as Levifoxfires for example, which was just gorgeous, but you can't always expect something like that.




Here you can see my mother, half an hour or so before the sleigh ride.


When we had changed our clothes, we went with a small family and the guide to the huskies, which were a little outside. There they explained us how to drive the sled (I was a little surprised that you had to drive the sled yourself) and you could ask other questions.
After that we went to the huskies in the sleds. In the beginning I had some problems with understanding and didn't press the brake, our guide got a bit louder. But later it worked out well, I just needed some practice.

7354c25d-bf75-41db-8f68-a89a170b6f0f (1).JPG


4070d0f4-c506-4b59-904b-528601fb8f5a (1).JPG

Here you can see some pictures from our husky sledding trip. I really enjoyed the ride, yet I was a little disappointed because I thought maybe we were going through a nice forest trail or something. But we drove through a short piece of forest to a big area and there we were driving around in circles after other sleds the whole time.

4070d0f4-c506-4b59-904b-528601fb8f5a (1).JPG

2c710de0-7346-4dae-b0a5-3e9d3e13decd (1).JPG



See the two dogs in the back? I think they were fighting all the time haha, maybe that was a duo. Especially at the beginning of the ride, but it became less and less and finally at the end I think they were just not so energetic.



And here's a photo the guide took of us on the sled.
There you can also see the one-piece suits that were provided to us by the resort. At first I thought I didn't need one, but then I put it on and in the end I was quite happy to have taken one, because it was quite cold, especially because you didn't move much in the sled.



The huskies were quite exhausted after the sleigh ride, at least they weren't half as excited as they were before the sleigh ride. Before, I must admit, I had quite a bit of respect because they barked a lot, the guide said they finally want to go sledding because they have so much energy. Later they were very peaceful and sniffed you curiously - a completely different picture.







After the sleigh ride, the employee told us something about the huskies and we were also allowed to see the puppies. Later we sat around the campfire in a tent and drank a hot drink (unfortunately I can't remember what it was exactly).
The hut reminded me a little bit of the levifoxfires hut, even if it wasn't quite as cute and small, but it was still very nice and we even had it all to ourselves.


After the adventure I was pretty exhausted, even though I didn't have to do that much. But I would do it again and again! Just probably at another organization because there were a few points I didn't like that much, but overall it was a great experience and I'm glad I got to do it.
It's possible that I'll be a little less active again in the near future, but I'll try to balance it in my exam preparation, because it's just great to see so many travel reports and get new ideas for traveling and to beautiful places to dive in!

I hope you had a nice start into the week!


Wonderful photo story ... huskies are really lovely dogs.

Yes they really are.. thank you for having a look!

Good afternoon. Your post shows the beauty of the local natural landscape well. The colors and shades of the photographs impress with a fabulous view. You make very interesting and exciting content, it's like watching a movie. Thank you very much for your hard work and positive lifestyle. Good luck to you and all the best.

Thank you for this great comment, I always try to capture my best and most beautiful memories with photos or posts, which wasn't too difficult with this beautiful landscape.
Thank you for stopping by.
Best regards and all the best to you too!

This surely was a one of a kind ride! Sorry for the setbacks but it was surely a unique experience. I feel a little sorry for blood traction but if these animals need it and enjoy because their excess of energy it doesn't seem so bad to me. Judging by their faces, they looked very happy!

Yes that was it. At first I was a bit scared, they were so full of energy and they quarreled a bit, but after the sled ride they were quite happy :) I think they had to let off steam..:)

I am glad that you managed to pull off this unforgettable adventure, despite some minor teething problems. You know, the unpleasant things are forgotten, but the unforgettable memories remain! My fingers are crossed that you complete successfully all your studiy obligations as soon as possible!

You're really right, I think I won't forget that anytime soon, and you probably won't forget your husky and reindeer ride either;) Thank you very much, I have to say I have a little respect for the exam in May, but respect is I think pretty good too :)

There's nothing wrong with that, it just means you realise the importance of the exam, a bit of stress is positive 😉

But how beautiful Finland is especially in winter

Yes, it's really beautiful there in winter :)

Awesome photography… you should try Some quick 1 minute videos with YouTube shorts. It’s a lot of fun.

Yours sure looked cool, true I should try it when I find time :)

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Wait no puppy pics?? Haha just kidding, this album is awesome. All the cool doggo shots, plus I love the one with just the trees laden with thick snow. I grew up near a forest like this and it brings back many memories.

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I'm glad that I was able to bring back memories, it was really mega and a great experience. But i think i miessed it:( Thanks for the lovely comment!

Looks like the husky didn't mind the cold weather. 😁 Instead, they enjoyed and had fun. ☺️

Yes, haha, people tended to tell us that minus 5 degrees to minus 10 degrees was still a bit too warm and they like even colder temperatures.
Best regards!

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I guess the experience of a husky tour was an amazing experience and I wish I could have had such an experience here in Romania but unfortunately we don't have enough snow this year.

Unfortunately, the snow in Germany is also getting less from year to year. But does that mean you can do husky tours in Romania? So cool that you can do it where you live, then I would do it a lot too :)

The same phenomenon is happening in Romania, in the area where I live in western Romania I haven't had real snow since I was a kid.
We can only find snow in mountain areas where winter sports are practiced.
Don't think we don't have snow at all, we do but very little.
I found out that a family from Bucovina area (Bucovina is located in the north of Romania and includes several counties) organizes in the winter season sleigh rides pulled by these beautiful huskies.
I liked the respect they had for the dogs, they didn't run more than one race per day for each dog team.
Moreover, they work only two months a year, the rest of the time the dogs are on holiday.

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