The fishing village of Hamnoy in Lofoten on the Arctic Ocean with its mountain landscape

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Hi Hivers!

Today I want to show you the second part of my Lofoten trip, and the focus is on the small fishing village of Reine with its striking red houses. As you know, it was September when we drove from Finland to Norway by car ( not an idea I would recommend again haha) and as they told us there, it had snowed only the night before in Lofoten. On the one hand, it was therefore much more difficult to drive along the many winding roads with the car and you had to pay attention now so of course more to the speed, on the other hand, it was of course of the landscape again a lot more great with the snow on the mountains and everywhere he lay. It looked as if it had snowed through for days before. We could hardly believe it haha.


The beauty of the fishing village in Hamnoy

From our Orca tour in Svolvaer we drove about 13 hours estimated (much longer than we would have expected) but google maps also calculates no breaks or tank fillings, which one might have considered before haha. It went on via Hennigsvaer and Ramberg to Reine.
Finally, we arrived very early in the morning in Reine and the key was in a mailbox and we fell directly into bed, as I'm sure you have already reported in the last post.
Reine is the center of Moskenes municipality and has about 2000 inhabitants. I think we have seen in the two days where we were there only once two people walking with a dog. The photo, which you see at the top, we have made on our car tour to these beautiful scenery, on the bridge of Hamnoy. So don't get confused: we had an Airbnb apartment in Reine but we took the photo in Hamnoy. It was a very long bridge and we even met a few tourists with professional camera equipment. It is so to say the postcard motif of Lofoten. It depicts the wooden huts from the resort Eliassen. Later the photo became part of my calendar that I gave to my father for Christmas, although a bit late.
While we were standing on the bridge I felt the icy refreshing wind in my face and it was a great feeling with the scenery- I had rarely seen something so beautiful and at the same time calm. Although I had already traveled to Australia, the Maldives and New Zealand, but I think the biggest "wow" effect I had right here on the Lofoten in Norway. It was with the few people you met just like in another world, so completely different from what I knew from Germany.


We stopped sometimes here sometimes there after seeing the beautiful view and in the process we saw some more beautiful scenery.



However, some houses were not painted in red, rarely they were also in the colors blue (as you can see here), yellow or even green.


A slightly blurred image from the car ride. You could just drive for hours with this view, partly directly along the shore.
If we had not had so little bright time, we would have stopped much more often but the sun unfortunately did not allow us;)


A local bakery with a beautiful ambience

Actually, at the end of our trip we wanted to see the great red house in Rambergstranda with the polar sea as a background, I think we saw it on the way back, but unfortunately it was already too dark. If I drive or fly to Lofoten again in the near future, this will definitely be a goal of my trip.
















Later, it was not so late but because the sun was already gone it looks like night, we still drove the small winding streets along the water and spontaneously stopped at a small harbor with many sailboats. Here, too, we met no people and it all seemed so deserted and quiet. It was a totally beautiful atmosphere that we were allowed to get to know and had never seen before. I wondered how it is for children to grow up here but just the idea was really nice. Far away from all the car noise and the big city where you still went fishing and probably knew almost everyone in the village by name. And here and there times a few tourists were but also not too many.


We took a little walk and also went on a jetty, where I secretly hoped that it was also allowed haha. But there was nowhere a sign that it was forbidden or the like and also no grid in front of what was locked. After that we went a little bit further but also immediately turned around and went back to our Airbnb apartment and were already looking forward to tomorrow, when we could expect more brightness.
As far as I can remember, I had never been in a snowy landscape at the harbor. But it looked great, even if it was dark and the colors were not so extreme. Norway had really caught me a bit with its charm.








Here you can see our small but nice Airbnb apartment in Lofoten again, which was definitely enough for two. Coke and some chocolate were even left in the fridge and there were small snacks on a plate that you could take. Very attentive I thought! The only thing that was a bit unfortunate was that the World Cup final wasn't broadcast on Norwegian TV which we had available there, or we were just too stupid for it haha ​​:D
But it wasn't too bad, you don't fly north to watch a football game in front of the TV.

I hope you enjoyed my second post about these archipelagos and that it might be a travel inspiration for you.Besides,I'm sure there are many other great places to travel to in Lofoten.
See you soon and greetings from Cologne :)


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What a place!! I love the little houses in the almost darkness of the landscape!! I guess being there was a unique experience! Thanks a lot for shearing!

I loved the contrast with this too, it looked so picturesque:) I was wondering if all the houses should be painted uniformly like that because a very few did have a different color.... Thanks for your lovely comment:)

I see you're continuing your winter driving, you've become a real pro 😉. The scenery is gorgeous and the first photo is Top. I was in Oslo a few years ago, wanted to go to Lofoten, but there were no air tickets available, and I didn't have enough time to drive...I see I missed a nice opportunity,...

Yes haha I was still a few days on this trip:) Oh man that's too bad, but you'll definitely get the chance again! I understand that, the tickets are also so expensive which is why we decided to go by car....

Maybe the opportunity will come again, I hope so,... I don't remember the price of ticket, but I know it was very reasonable at the time. But today the prices have really skyrocketed, so the car was the right choice,....Have a nice week!

Oh yeah, it just got so expensive and it's such a shame because you think twice about going on a trip or not.
Thank you, Have a nice week too!

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Wow, a fairytale place, those boats frozen as if in time, an amazing contrast, yes, I'm a bit envious of you, we here in western Romania last winter had no snow.

Oh no maybe you'll have better luck next winter, I'll definitely wish you! Yes, it really felt like time stood still in this place :)

I'm very happy for you, and yes, I hope I get some snow next winter, hehe.

Wow what a beautiful place! Looks amazing.

Yes it really was:) Greetings from Cologne:)

Yes, I did see that and was going to comment on that. Have a great time in Germany!

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Hello, nice day, Visiting this location would have been quite the adventure; the view is just amazing. I adore the vibrant photographs you took, which tempt you to go to that wonderful location. Thank you very much for the wonderful information and image collection. Enjoy your day.

thank you so much for the lovely comment! Yes, it was a real adventure and it seemed a bit like in another, calmer world. I can only recommend Lofoten in winter:)

@katrin-lux Wonderful that you can continue to enjoy these paradisiacal places.

Yes, driving through these vast expanses is simply dreamlike.
Many greetings :)