The Sveti Jakov beach with its rocky bay and crystal clear water on the Croatian Adriatic

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Hey Hivers,

in the last post it was about a winter adventure on the Lofoten, so I thought, maybe a post from the summer would fit quite well to the now beginning spring on which everyone is just looking forward. As you may have noticed, I have already made a few posts about my trip to Croatia last summer in July and since I wanted to show you a beautiful place in the Dubrovnik area, I thought it would now be the time. To be honest it might be a bit of procrastination on my part as well, since I should actually be sitting over my law school stuff right now haha.
But enough talking - which beautiful place do I want to show you today from Dubrovnik, the coastal city of Croatia? It's a beach in a kind of canyon, where you first have to go down some stairs, where you can see its trademark right from the start: The purple umbrellas all in one color: The Sveti Jakov beach!



The way to the beach with great photo opportunities

I remember the day very well, at least as far as the heat was concerned: At that time it was very hot in Dubrovnik, I think it was already 37 degrees at 12 noon. So that day we walked down from our apartment to the bus stations and I think we drove about 30 min until we arrived at the stop where we had to get off. But from here it was still quite a bit to walk, which you can see in the following pictures, because I took these on the way to the beach. What I noticed something unpleasant: There was a lot of garbage on the side of the road, which we noticed more often in Dubrovnik during this vacation. It reminded me a bit of Crete, where I once vacationed with my family when I was young, where there was also a lot of garbage on the ground outside the hotel grounds. But the view of the bright blue sea and the many cute cats we met on the way made up for it immediately!:)



What may also always catch your eye: the many cypress trees along the coast. It was just a very beautiful sight and I was looking forward to be down at the beach soon. To be honest, maybe it was also the hope to get a cool shady spot there because the way to the beach took a while and I was already sweating wet and my skin pulled a little.



Here I found the play of light with the wall and the tree top really great, maybe it was also due to the similar colors but I just had to grab the phone and take a picture haha:) This was also a place we saw on the way.





From this apartment you had a beautiful view over the sea but I did not want to imagine how expensive it must be, already our small apartment up on the slopes of Dubrovnik was relatively expensive and not to compare with this apartment. It was in any case as city no cheap plaster as one says in Germany.


Here you have a great view over the cypresses and maybe you can see the cruise ship in the distance. Dubrovnik is a big location, at least in the few days we were there we saw a lot of cruise ships in the port of Dubrovnik as well as in the immediate area on the water. Nevertheless, I was very happy that we flew, then I think you see a little more of the city if you can stay for a week :)





IMG_8619 - Kopie.jpg








A beautiful view and 160 steps below was the goal

And this was finally the view of Sveti Jakov beach when we were almost down: It is one of the most beautiful bays on the Dubrovnik coast that we got to see on this vacation and if you ask me it looks almost like a picture book. But what you should know: It is a pebble beach. But perfect for me because I'm not that much of a sand lover anyway haha. The sea shone turquoise blue and the rocks just looked beautifully romantic next to it.




The beach is located in a hidden bay in the east of the old town and has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world several times. It certainly didn't surprise me why. Each beach was named after the small church of St. Jakob above the beach. Later I also knew how many steps we had gone down: a total of 160! I found the color contrast of the pebbly beach, the water and the parasols particularly fascinating!


When we arrived, the others went straight to the sea to cool off, one was already quite overheated by the high temperatures. First I needed a place to chat, because I hadn't creamed myself that much yet. Unfortunately, all the purple umbrellas were already occupied and the sun was so unfavorable that I felt compelled to sit down in a kind of bar in order to get away from the sun and the heat a bit.
But after a while (the waiters were very busy) you were served well and it wasn't a problem that you sat there a little longer and only had a small drink. Many also ate here in the restaurant that was right next to the bar.




I didn't go swimming that day, but I was still glad to have taken part in this excursion because it was a really nice place. Nevertheless, I went back to the apartment early with a friend who also didn't take the heat that well and the others stayed a little longer.
How did you like my contribution to the Sveti Jakov beach on the edge of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea? I hope it was a small change from the previous posts from Finland and the Lofoten, which seemed a bit colder.
I hope you all started the week well and healthy!
Kind regards and see you next time!


Extremely attractive is this beach with purple umbrellas, I must admit that I did not know about this place although I visited Croatia and especially this resort.
I can't wait for summer to come so I can go to the beach here in Romania again.

That's what I thought too when I saw photos of it, which is why I really wanted to visit it. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the region :)
Best regards

When I decide to return to Croatia, I will definitely choose this destination.
Greetings from Romania!

what beautiful pictures, I love beaches and places so beautiful, almost like a paradise!

That's how it felt :) Thanks for your lovely comment :)

What a breathtaking view! I love the purple umbrella! They made the beach uniquely beautiful!

I thought so too, I had seen it first on photos on the internet and then I really wanted to go there :)

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