Wounded Bricks: Discovery of a forgotten castle

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Welcome to Kremsier Castle, a hidden gem nestled between Hungary and the Czech Republic. Join me on an adventure as we uncover the fascinating history and captivating beauty of this once-grand castle. From its humble beginnings to tragic events that unfolded, this castle has a story waiting to be discovered. This ist the long forgotten and tragic story of Kremsier Castle in Hungary Who’s not seeking will miss the palaceWho's not seeking will miss the palace

Table of contents

  1. The Initial Encounter
  2. A Glimpse into History
  3. Rise and Fall
  4. Part 2: Tragedy Strikes
  5. Part 3: Post-War Era
  6. Part 4: The Future of Kremsier Castle
  7. Final Advice Before Visiting Kremsier Castle

The Initial Encounter

On the last days of summer, I found myself in a secluded area near the borderland between Hungary and the Czech Republic. This flat and tranquil region, not very busy with tourists, held a surprise waiting to be discovered. As I wandered near the town of Barcs, my eyes caught sight of an intriguing building standing alone next to a meadow where donkeys peacefully grazed. Half-hidden in a small, wild forest and surrounded by collapsed fences, it beckoned me closer like an invitation.

So nice to see from inside outSo nice to see from inside out

Curiosity piqued, I cautiously approached the structure through waist-high weeds. To my amazement, it revealed itself as an impressive castle in ruins. Despite its dilapidated state, one could still sense the former grandeur and splendor that once graced this place. While entering proved challenging due to incomplete marble steps on the staircase, what awaited inside was nothing short of miraculous – high ceilings adorned with remnants of stucco ornaments and vast rooms that exuded an air of magnificence even with their open roofs.

The castle is empty an forgotten since many yearsThe castle is empty an forgotten since many years

A Glimpse into History

These mysterious castle ruins are none other than Kremsier Castle - a testament to 19th-century architecture built by landowner Károly Kremsier (1818-1888). Károly hailed from humble beginnings but rose to become a wealthy landowner and patron of the arts in Barcs during his lifetime. He even played a pivotal role in establishing the first Jewish religious community in this region.

A few of the steps are goneA few of the steps are gone

Kremsier's journey towards success began with him traveling around in his one-horse carriage collecting scrap metal, bones, leather, and glass until he amassed enough capital to lease land. With continued prosperity smiling upon him, he eventually purchased this property in 1866. Between 1873-75 came forth several additions including industrial areas such as distilleries and steam mills which showcased Kremsier's passion for modern technology.

The tower to the skyThe tower to the sky

The castle itself boasted cutting-edge features of its time, equipped with a food elevator, central heating, and even an English toilet. However, tragedy struck when a devastating fire broke out shortly after completion due to a power line short circuit. Despite the valiant efforts of the local community and factory staff, the stables were destroyed and significant damage was inflicted upon the property.

Rise and Fall

Following Károly Kremsier's demise, his family undertook the task of rebuilding both the castle and distillery. Mór Kremsier, Károly's youngest son who had completed his studies in Sopron, Graz, and Zurich, took charge of managing not only the distillery but also a refinery, rum and liqueur factories, dairy farms, and cattle fattening facilities. The distillery reached its pinnacle during this period by producing five percent of Hungary's pure spirits production.

Come in and find outCome in and find out

However, tragedy befell the Kremsier family with the advent of World War II. In 1939, after Hungary enforced discriminatory laws against Jews known as "Jewish Laws," they lost their property rights and were reduced to tolerated residents within their own home. The eldest member succumbed to despair in 1940 while others met tragic fates such as suicide or death during labor service in Russia. Only two individuals managed to survive by seeking refuge within an order of nuns.

The only resident: A muleThe only resident: A mule

After the war ended, Kremsier Castle fell into communist hands before being acquired by border guards followed by an agricultural cooperative. With each subsequent buyer coming forward with grand plans but limited resources over time decay has taken hold on this once magnificent structure.

Continue reading Part 2: Tragedy Strikes

The great salonThe great salon

Part 2: Tragedy Strikes

As the shadows of war loomed over Europe, Kremsier Castle faced its darkest days. In 1939, Hungary enforced discriminatory laws against Jews known as the "Jewish Laws," which stripped the Kremsier family of their property rights. Reduced to tolerated residents within their own home, they endured immense suffering and despair.

Mother Nature rulesMother Nature rules

The eldest member of the family succumbed to hopelessness in 1940, while others met tragic fates before the deportations began. Károly Kremsier's son tragically took his own life along with his wife on April 6, 1944. Another devastating blow came when Endre Berger, one of Károly's sons-in-law and a tax officer, also chose to end his life.

Dark rooms under the surfaceDark rooms under the surface

The remaining family members faced deportation in May 1944. Only two individuals managed to escape this horrific fate by finding refuge within an order of nuns. The once-thriving estate that had witnessed prosperity and success was now marred by tragedy and loss.

Part 3: Post-War Era

Following World War II, Kremsier Castle fell into the hands of communist authorities who repurposed it for various purposes. Border guards occupied its premises for a period before it eventually became owned by an agricultural cooperative.

Karoly was in love with Doric columnsKaroly was in love with Doric columns

Over time, neglect took its toll on this magnificent structure as it deteriorated further into disrepair. Despite several buyers coming forward with ambitious plans for restoration, financial constraints prevented these dreams from becoming a reality.

Empty roomsEmpty rooms

Yet amidst this decline and decay, there is still hope lingering in the air surrounding Kremsier Castle—a glimmer of possibility that one day its former glory may be restored.

Part 4: The Future of Kremsier Castle

While currently trapped in a state of ruinous beauty, there are ongoing efforts to preserve what remains of Kremsier Castle's historical significance. The castle's status as a protected monument in Hungary ensures that its story will not be forgotten.

The ceiling in very different colorsThe ceiling in very different colors

Although the path to restoration is challenging, there are whispers of potential collaborations between preservation organizations, local authorities, and passionate individuals who recognize the importance of safeguarding this cultural heritage.

Black and whiteBlack and white

As travelers and adventurers, we have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Kremsier Castle. By spreading awareness about its existence and supporting initiatives aimed at its preservation, we can help ensure that future generations can experience the magic and allure of this once-majestic castle.

Final Advice Before Visiting Kremsier Castle

In conclusion, exploring Kremsier Castle is an adventure filled with history, tragedy, and hope. From its initial encounter amidst overgrown meadows to glimpses into its past glory and subsequent fall from grace, this hidden gem holds stories waiting to be discovered.

It seems like an old vampire will arrive soonIt seems like an old vampire will arrive soon

When planning your visit to Kremsier Castle:

  • Be prepared for an off-the-beaten-path experience in a secluded area.
  • Take caution while navigating through ruins as some areas may be unstable.
  • Embrace the haunting beauty of dilapidated walls that still exude remnants of former grandeur.
  • Reflect on the tragic events that unfolded during World War II and pay homage to those who suffered.
  • Support preservation efforts by spreading awareness or contributing directly if possible.

Kremsier Castle awaits your arrival—a testament to resilience amidst adversity. Uncover its secrets, immerse yourself in history's embrace, and become part of shaping its future legacy.

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You have to look to find the palaceYou have to look to find the palace The nazis stealed the palaceThe nazis stealed the palace It’s dangerous to walk this stairwaysIt's dangerous to walk this stairways The bricks with woundsThe bricks with wounds After so many years the castle is in ruinsAfter so many years the castle is in ruins At the cellarAt the cellar To the skyTo the sky The wall with very old paintingsThe wall with very old paintings Traces of tiles, all stolenTraces of tiles, all stolen A jungle in the backyardA jungle in the backyard The nature strikes backThe nature strikes back Endless tunnels under the surfaceEndless tunnels under the surface
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No castle touch your heart deeper than those left in ruins. Painful to watch but yet so much history and stories to share with those passing by!

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Thank you so much!

Wow, what beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing with us 😊

Very unique place and so much history. It has so much history and hope it can be cleaned up. I hope this place gets some TLC. Thanks for the awesome photos and the story of this place.

Thanks for sharing such great post @koenau.

I was almost left in tears when I saw this tragic story of the Kremsier's family. They literally rose up through the hard work of one man(Károly Kremsier), and fell down due to the ugly decisions of people they don't even know.

The structure of the building clearly tells how definite the owner wants it to be.

Thanks for sharing 🤗.

Places like this should be restored and preserved. How sad.

Seems like it is a private property and the owner hasn't enough millions to do something

Wonderful photographs. But, much more incredible is the history of the place. It is a pity that its life was lost because of the war. Maybe in the future this place can regain its life.

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Thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts. When we visited the place we didn't know what exactly we were looking at. A grave actually, whose sad story touched our hearts when we researched it later. A mirror of Europe's history, which has so many dark spots.