The beauty of Naga City.🤍

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Hello hivers! Its me again this my new and 5th blog pls do read everyone.

for todays blog I want to share with you about Naga City and its background.

Living in Naga City for 18 years is a long period of time and I will always choose to live my home town.

The reason behind it

The main reason Naga City in Cebu gained popularity was its economic expansion, especially in sectors like manufacturing and real estate. Its growing infrastructure, and appealing natural features like beaches and mountains have all helped to increase its appeal to travelers from different places.

Queen City of the South

Because of its significant historical and cultural significance in the southern part of the Philippines, Naga City in Cebu is also known as the "Queen City of the South." Naga City offers a blend of economic opportunities, natural beauty, community spirit, and cultural richness, making it an appealing place to visit, live, and work naga is a wonderful place.



Christmas lights

Naga City, Cebu, celebrates the holiday season in part by lighting Christmas lights as part of a long-standing tradition. In order to create a happy and festive atmosphere for locals and tourists alike to enjoy during the Christmas season, Naga City, like other places around the world, decorates its streets, buildings, and public spaces with festive lights and decorations. It serves as a means of fostering community spirit, spreading holiday cheer, and honoring the essence of Christmas.
I am proud Nagahanon and I can shout it out loud to the world how beautiful our place is.



destined for greatness

Naga is well-known for its picture-perfect peaks, gently sloping hills, and stunning boardwalk that draws thousands of tourists. The city is undoubtedly destined for greatness. With the opening of the new Pasilong sa Naga public park, the City of Naga is taking steps toward creating better and more environmentally friendly public spaces. This park will be a public where anyone are welcome, regardless of financial situation, It is open around 4 pm in the afternoon.

Strolling along the boardwalk offers visitors picture views of the ocean, coastline, and neighboring islands. a spot to sit and take in the sea breeze, or just to unwind. It provides a healthy outlet for physical exercise by acting as a location for a variety of recreational activities like biking, and running.

The boardwalk provides a public area where locals and visitors alike can relax thereby promoting a feeling of community. Because of its ability to draw tourists, the area's economy benefits from their spending on, food, and other activities. It might also be significant culturally, acting as a location for celebrations, festivals, or shows that highlight the customs and history of the area.

The Naga Boardwalk, a beautiful waterfront promenade along the coast, is one of Naga City's standout attractions, taking in the sunset and views of the surrounding islands and the sea. Locals and visitors alike love the boardwalk because it offers a variety of dining options, recreational amenities, and occasionally scheduled events.

full credits to the owner of the photo: City of Naga Cebu Government

Naga akong garbo

"Naga Akong Garbo," which means "Naga My Pride" or "Naga, My Pride" in English, is a Cebuano expression that describes the sense of pride and ownership that the people of Naga City, Cebu, have for their hometown. The nickname highlights the strong bond and love that the people have for their city, showcasing their pride in its natural beauty, cultural heritage, economic achievements, and sense of community Naga city is really like a HOME.


Work of art

The "Naga Akong Garbo" expresses the residents of Naga City's intense pride and affection for their cherished city.

Naga City, where each corner carries a memory, each street tells a tale, and each sunset creates a work of art."


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I'm confused, is Naga called Queen city of South or the Cebu?

Anyway, Naga offered so much attractions and people keep coming back to it. I was there last week, and I fell in love with your place.

I have a question, do you have mountain or falls can you recommend for a hike within Naga or San Fernando. Thanks in advance.

Queen city of the south, Yes we have Mt.Naupa Mt. MagDoc og uban pa.❤️

Woow that's a lot! We'll connect with u next week if we can.

It’s a nice and thriving town. I remember years back we traveled to Naga just to go to the boardwalk and have siomai. LOL fun times

come back here hihi

Naga seems really a magical place, I read often about Cebu here in Hive must be a place full of cool cities, I like the architecture and places you share with us.

thank you for appreciating.😊