Eben am Achensee Austria

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Who's ready for another beautifully scenic destination in Austria? The next stop on our 2022 vacation in the country was to the small but picturesque town of Eben am Achensee.


The city of Innsbruck would be our main basecamp for the next leg of our trip. It was approximately hours away from the city of Salzburg, where we were coming from. Eben am Achensee was a town that I found on route to Innsbruck, which was located just outside of the city. We decided to stop there for an hour or so to see another location in the country. We had time that day and online photos and reviews of it were decent, so why not?


In the end I'm really glad that we did stop there because it was one of the most beautiful locations that we saw in the country. There were so many of them though.


The sky was a little cloudy that day with intermittent sunshine, but when the sun did come out the whole area shown in vibrant blue turquoise color.


The sky and the water and the mountains all combined to create a really nice photogenic location.


The town of Eben am Achensee is situated in the state of Tyrol, in the Achen Valley. It's located along the banks of the Lake which gives it its name - Achensee.


The small town itself sits opposite of a scenic backdrop of tree covered mountains. I don't know what the population of the city was but it didn't look to be too big.


There wasn't much of a town to see really other than some scattered homes and a church located a little ways out from the main strip. There were a few restaurants though, as well as resort hotels and some touristy shops. Not a lot else.


That was okay by us since we weren't there for shopping or anything. We were mainly just there to see the lake and some pretty scenery.


The houses of the area were wooden cottages that reminded me of what we had seen in Switzerland and Bavaria Germany during previous trips.


Shortly after arriving we stopped at one of the restaurant near the water for a drink and a snack.


I had a Dunkel beer and an apple strudel, two quintessentially Austrian treats in my opinion. I came to love both of them during our trip in the country. I wish that I had a case of Dunkel beer right now in fact.


There were a lot of sail boats on the water and a ferry boat that did visitor tours as well.


Boating appeared to be the main thing to do in town.


Sitting down on the waters edge or on a lawn chair of one of the waterside resorts would be another one.


The water was deep and blue and looked crystal clear around the edges. It looked very refreshing and there were a lot of people swimming that day in a few different locations.


There was quite a bit of parking down by the lake front, which was a major plus for travelers like us. We didn't have an issue finding a place at all. I don't recall if we had to pay for parking or not. My wife usually takes care of that on the different parking apps so I can't always remember.


My favorite part of the town was the beach front lookout tower located off to one side of the main strip. As soon as I saw it when driving in, I knew that I had to climb it to see the view of the area. It was a simple thing and was free to do, but the view up there was absolutely incredible so that was a major plus about the destination in my opinion.


The tower was made out of wood and steel and had a large platform on top that could accommodate a decent amount of people.


It wasn't busy up there at all when I went up, so for a time I basically had the whole thing to myself.


It was several stories high so I got a really good look at the surrounding area.


It was especially nice when the sun came through the clouds and gave off some great lighting for photos.


I saved the last two pictures for the very end of the post because of how well they turned out. Every once in a while you get a perfect symphony of events for photography, like a scenic location of water and mountains, combined with the right fluffy white clouds in the sky, with clear air and the right lighting. I feel like this was one of those moments and I'm pretty happy with how the two pictures turned out. They really showcase how beautiful a location Eben am Achensee really is and why I say that it was one of the most scenic locations that we saw in the country.


Well thats it for now. If you're interested in seeing more of our trip to Austria than stay tuned, there is more to come later. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


Pristine scenery! The lakes look so inviting! Great photography work!

Thanks. Glad you liked the pictures 📸

This year I visited Salzburg and I was even going to go through Innsbruck but unfortunately I never got here, anyway thanks for this amazing post, I have already noted this place so that when I return to this part of Austria to pass through this spectacular place.

It's worth a stop for sure, especially if you go to Innsbruck because it's very close to that location. Only a 20-30 minute drive or so.

This place really deserves to be put on the map is impressive, thanks for the idea.

Yeah, the boat tour looked like it would be a nice activity. But even just sitting by the water was enough with the view being so nice.

A boat activity we had when we visited Hallstatt was very interesting and we had amazing views.

Sounds awesome 👌

Achensee is such a beautiful place! The lake, an apfelstrudel and a beer is all you need haha

I agree with both of those things! 😍😋😁

When I was a child I visited Tyrol with my grandfather several times a year. I really liked the Achensee region. Unfortunately I have not been there anymore for more then 30 years. But when I see your photos wonderful memories of a nice aspect of my childhood come up. Thank you!

I'm glad the photos brought back good memories for you. Maybe it's time for a re-visit 😁

That is a beautiful place reason enough to add Achensee to my bucket list for next trip to Austria.
A day out at the lake is gonna make me super hungry so I am gonna need a lot more than a couple of applestrudels.
By any chance did you pass by any Billa stores nearby so I may stock up some food supplies for my day's excursion.

It's a very beautiful place indeed. Definitely worth adding to your bucket list. Eat as many applestrudels as you can! 😋
I don't know if we passed any Billas stores. I wasn't looking out for them so I didn't notice if there were any or not.

Austria is indeed very beautiful place as a whole . Thanks for the heads up.

Your photography is next level, and it looks like something out of a travel brochure


Thanks! I appreciate that. My phone actually takes pretty decent photos. Not all turn out, but I only save the good ones.

Can't believe what can be done with a phone camera nowadays 👀

But also.. good composition and a good eye makes all the difference ;)

You have both and a flair for post production as well.

Nicely done 👏🏼

Thanks for that 😊

Yeah phone cameras have certainly come a long way indeed

The combination of the vibrant blue sky, crystal-clear waters, and the surrounding mountains indeed creates a symphony of beauty, as showcased in your last two photos. It's evident that Eben am Achensee left a lasting impression on you, and your post encourages others to consider adding it to their travel itinerary.

Thank you for sharing this enchanting journey with us, and I look forward to more tales from your travels.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for checking out my blog 😀

What a beautiful place to wonder around! Plus the weather is indeed great! Enjoy!

Yeah it was really beautiful there and decent weather for the day. We got lucky that the sun came out for us.

What more can I say other than Wow! This place makes a lot of sense.
I love the beautiful of the lake, especially the colour it gives.

It was quite the place for beautiful scenery

The Austrian Alps are so lovely to see and the skies are so blue. Too bad I didn't get nice photos like this in the French Alps because we went there during winter to ski.

I love it when the skies are blue like that with nice white clouds. It's hard to find skies like that in the winter

True, so difficult. The gray skies spoil the view.

Yes, I agree. My photos always turn out bad when the sky is grey or white

and it's difficult to edit XD

Yes exactly 💯

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Oh my, looks so beautiful!

Yeah it was a very nice location 👌

The natural beauty is quite extraordinary. I like to see a beautiful atmosphere that is quite bright like in the picture that my friend shows.

It was a very picturesque location indeed. Glad you liked the photos!

Yes, friend.. Thank you very much. I hope we are always healthy and fine.

Thank you. You as well.

The city of Innsbruck looks very beautiful
The pictures are so cool and good for the eyes
I love them!

This was actually Eben am Achensee but glad you liked the pictures 😊

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