An insider's tip on how to win part of Pinmapple Thousand Contest 2000 Hive prize pool

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A little over a month ago Pinmapple made our 1000th edition of the Travel Digest. For such a major event, we celebrated with a Pinmapple Thousand contest and a 2000 Hive prize pool. The contest will close on

Wednesday 25th November noon UTC time

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In view of the little time left, and as part of the team, I want to give everyone a summary of the different parts of the contest, an update on the entries and hence your win probability, and some insider tips on how to increase your chances to win. Let's roll.

RAFFLE DRAW -- 1000 Hive Prize Pool

This is definitely the low hanging fruit and is open to everyone. It only takes a few minutes to enter. The prize pool is 1000 Hive, and 10 lucky entrants will each win 100 Hive. The more raffle tickets you have, the greater your chance to win. You can claim your free raffle tickets by going to this website and complete the actions. You don't have to complete all of them, but of course the more you do, the more entries you will get. You're probably doing most of it already such as following @pinmapple, subscribing to the haveyoubeenhere community, vote for our DHF proposal, follow us on social media or entering into our User Experience writing contest (more on that in a minute). At the time of writing, there are over 1300 raffle entries and the maximum you can get is 51 entries. The win probability is pretty high as there are 10 x 100 Hive prizes. This in my opinion is definitely one worth going for!

INSIDER TIP : complete as many of the actions as possible, the more raffle entries you have the more chance of winning

We will check all the actions, so don't make any false entries otherwise we will disqualify all your entries!!!


If you have been using Pinmapple and the haveyoubeenhere app, we'd love to hear about your user experience. This is a free write contest, and it can be about anything between you and the apps or even the team and Mr @Pinmapple. It's been very interesting so far to read the entries to see what people have to say about Pinmapple and haveyoubeenhere. Luckily, everyone has been very kind to us, but of course, if you write constructive criticism, we welcome that as well. Don't worry, we won't hold that against you nor disqualify you. It's all about user experience and we are happy to listen to all kinds of views, opinions and experence so we can keep on improving and make things better.

There are a few things you have to remember when you enter

  1. use the #pinmapplethousand tag
  2. your post needs to be at least 300 words long
  3. original content only, no plagiarism
  4. post your entry as a comment to this post to make sure we can find it
  5. and finally, although not compulsory, it would be great if you can post from the pinmapple and haveyoubeenhere community

The three best entries will each win 100 Hive. So far we have 10 entries to this writing contest, and your 11th entry will give you a win probability of 9%. Time is of the essence here as you don't have much time left!!!

INSIDER TIP : just write from your heart and let your thoughts flow. It's your experience that matters and there's no right or wrong.

“IF I HAD $1000” WRITING CONTEST -- 700 Hive Prize Pool

And finally we have what everyone loves and do the best - write a travel post. Only this is a bit different from the normal ones. This time we want to you write about where you would go if you had $1000. How often do we get free rein to spend $1000? Plus with restricted travel now, it's great to do a spot of planning so we can pack our bags as soon as all the travel restrictions are lifted.

In your own words, where would you travel and what places would you visit if you had US$1000 to spend? Be creative. Be passionate. Don't just write I'd go here, then here, then here. Furthermore, the $1000 amount is meant to inspire you and be a guide, it does not mean you have to provide an accurate cost breakdown of everything you would do. You might prefer to be on a shoestring budget trip with many stops, or blow it all on one night in a luxury hotel. Then of course there is everything in between. The choice is yours.

Again, there are a few things you have to take note of

  1. Use existing pins on Pinmapple to inspire your travels. It can either be your previous trip, or someone else's.
  2. If it's someone else's pin give them a shoutout, and if it's your own previous travel, make sure you write new content and don't copy and paste.
  3. It goes without saying, you can only submit original content, no plagiarism or recycling
  4. Do not use other people's photos without their permission. Use your own photos or royalty-free ones from pixabay, unsplash etc
  5. Use the #pinmapplethousand tag
  6. You must add "This is my entry to the Pinmapple If I had $1000 Contest" to your post
  7. post your entry as a comment to this post to make sure we can find it
  8. the last two points aren't compulsory as we forgot about it in the announcement post 😊
  • it would be great if you can post from the pinmapple and haveyoubeenhere community
  • pin your post on pinmapple

Writing about travel is always a popular subject, and we have nearly 40 entries already, I expect more to come through the last minute. Having said that, we have 8 prizes here. The winner will get 250 Hive, 2nd place gets 150 Hive, 3rd place 100 Hive, and five honourable mentions will each get 50 Hive. So there's everything to go for here. Not to mention, if you write a top notch travel post, you may even pick up some nice upvotes!!!

INSIDER TIP : you don't need to do a detailed budget of $1000. If it's not enough, that's fine, just mention how you will spend $1000. The most important thing is to keep to the spirit and theme of the contest.

Don't forget, if you're reading this before Wednesday 25th November noon UTC time, you still have time to enter.

Last and not least, we'd like to do a big shoutout to our sponsors @roelandp, @ausbitbank, @c0ff33a and @crimsonclad. They are all Hive witnesses, if you have spare witness votes, please do drop them a vote ( @roelandp, @ausbitbank, @c0ff33a and @FollowBTCNews). Our other sponsers are @eturnerx and @martibis, (founder of Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere if you didn't know already 😉)



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