A trip to the Espiritu Santo Museum

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Hello, friends. Today I want to tell you about my adventure in the Provincial Museum of Sancti Spíritus. A beautiful place that pretends in a small space to cover much of the history of the city.

First of all, the mansion that houses the museum was built in 1723, belonging to the military chief of the city at that time. So it is 300 years old. Upon entering, you can instantly notice that they try to occupy all the available space.


The first thing that intrigued me was the name of the province, why Sancti Spíritus? Well, inside I found the answer. As soon as you enter the museum you can see a small crystal urn where the Espíritus Santo is, and in the center of it is a solid silver dove. The most valuable piece in the museum. And believe me, it does not go unnoticed, since it is right at the entrance.



Here I was shown the type of earthenware used in the surrounding buildings. I was also able to see the use of lime and sand in the constructions of the time.





Among the many objects I could find there were several that caught my attention. As a good fan and collector of old bills and coins, I was able to appreciate a small collection of these, of which I have some specimens. I could also admire a wide variety of candlesticks, giving an air of elegance. Some date from the nineteenth century and others from the twentieth, but all are worthy of admiration.







The place was full of objects from different eras, such as slavery, and even some from the aboriginal era. Like the aboriginal pots and earrings. It has various objects about the Cuban independence struggle during the second half of the 19th century.




I was lucky enough to win the sympathy of the museum director, who took me to the office where they do research. This place is not open to the public, but it has beautiful and elegant pieces. One of them is a mahogany shelf that is almost a work of art in itself. Filled with pieces of crystal and crackle porcelain. He also showed me a mahogany dresser with incredible carvings. The office was almost more impressive than the museum itself.








My visit to the Provincial Museum of Sancti Spíritus was an incredible experience. Not only did I learn about the history of the province, but I also discovered a place in history 300 years old.


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Luar biasa, saya melihat museum ini memiliki banyak koleksi megah 🥰

Yes, I was very impressed. The director of the museum was very nice and talked about many topics related to history and art.

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