Haveyoubeenhere is not exclusive to Hive users! 😄 You can also log in with Facebook and Apple Sign in on iOS! 😄

can you add more options than Facebook? since that's counter-intuitive from the decentralization and privacy idea. Just saying.

I might add more options later, what option would you like to see?

Here is my reasoning behind the options: I wanted simple secure and spam resistant options that were available for most people. (fake spam accounts etc. happen a lot with email verification in smaller social platforms).
That's how I got to:

  • Users that want decentralization go with Hivesigner
  • Users who do not care about decentralization and prefer something they're used to use Facebook
  • Users who don't like Facebook can use Apple Sign In (unfortunately it requires an iOS device)

The only secure option I see next to those is something like mobile phone verification, but it brings costs and a lot of work with. I am however always open to suggestions!

Thank you for your explanation. What about adding twitter into the options? though I do see how it may also cause fake spam account problem.

I can definitely take a look at Twitters login API, I'll add it to my list of things I should take a look at! Might be a while though as I am working on quite a big update at the moment (more tba in a good month or so)! 😁

awesome and good luck!