It was a bit windy in Kościelec... [ENG/PL]

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Góra Koscielec, also called the Polish Matterhorn (which I wrote about the rest some time ago) is characterized by the presence of quite strong winds - however strange it will not sound :)
It was the same on my last trip. Despite the fact that the conditions in the entire Tatras were almost perfect, in Kościelec you could find mini blizzards, icy and blown slopes or blown heaps of fresh snow. Despite this, the approach was not particularly difficult, as always only 2 rock slabs are problematic, which cause the same problems also in summer. During my approach, I was accompanied by a TOPR helicopter, which picked up the injured from one of the walls on Orla Perć.

Góra Kościelec nazywany też polskim Matterhornem (o którym z resztą pisałem już jakiś czas temu) charakteryzuje się występowaniem dość mocnych wiatrów- jakkolwiek dziwnie to nie zabrzmi :)
Tak samo było podczas mojej ostatniej wycieczki. Pomimo tego, że warunki w całych Tatrach były niemal idealne to na Kościelcu można było znaleźć mini zamiecie śnieżne, oblodzone wywiane zbocze lub nawiane zwały świeżego śniegu. Pomimo tego podejście nie było jakoś szczególnie trudne, jak zawsze problematyczne są tylko 2 skalne płyty, które przysparzają takich samych problemów także w lecie. Podczas mojego podejścia towarzyszył mi helikopter TOPR, który podejmował poszkodowanych z jednej ze ścian na Orlej Perci.






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Amazing pic ❤️❤️❤️

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I have hiked many times in Tatras but always on the Slovak side. One day, I will make it to the Polish side too 🙂 Koscielec looks challenging but there must be beautiful views from there..

Thank you for sharing!

Polish Tatras are smaller than Slovakian, but we have some nice views and peaks. Zakopane is great base to start exploring

What a beautiful frozen landscape, it can be seen that it was a somewhat risky adventure due to the immense cold that it must be.

It was quite cold but sunny :)
Wind was worst

It's always interesting to read about people's experiences climbing mountains, especially when the mountain in question has a nickname like the Polish Matterhorn! The description of the winds on Koscielec is quite intriguing, as it's not often that strong winds are seen as a characteristic of a mountain. It's impressive that the approach was not too difficult despite the challenging conditions, and it must have been quite a sight to see the mini blizzards and heaps of fresh snow. It's also good to hear that there was a TOPR helicopter available to help those in need - safety should always be a top priority when climbing mountains. Overall, this sounds like an exciting and memorable climb, the photos of views from the top absolutely stunning.

It's pleasure to hear that you enjoy my post.
Tatras are quite safe mountains. We have a lot of shelters and TOPR with their "falcon". But on the other side weather is tricky and unfortunetly we have a lot of unprepared tourists too