Moscenice, 760 steps above the sea

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My December was not at all how I planned and expected, hopefully the start of the year will be better. All our plans for Christmas markets visits, gatherings with friends and outdoor activities were spoiled by some viruses that we caught at the beginning of the month, but also by very rainy weather that we had last month. The winter is far away from what it should be, is warm and very humid, with rain and fog. Luckily, we managed to have three days of holidays that we spent at the sea side in Istria, Croatia. We rented a house with our friends and had a nice New Year’s Eve dinner, played some board games, but most importantly, we had time to talk and enjoy our time together.

Also during these three days the weather was not very good, but we still tried to spend some time outside as well. I managed to take some photos and would like to present you the charming village of Moscenice.

Photo from the information board

It is a small medieval village, perched on a high hill under the Ucka mountain range. At an altitude of 173 meters above sea level, this small village really surprised me. A tiny village, with a cobbled narrow street, descending on the hill, has a lot of charm. I don’t know if it was because of the stones (which are the main building material), or because of the serenity and calm that was present all over the village, or just because there were small Christmas decorations all over the village that created a very cozy atmosphere. The decorations were small, but you'd immediately notice that they were done with hearts, since they were really nice.

At the entrance to the village, there is a small ethnographic museum. It is located in a building that used to be a prison. I’ve also noticed a small souvenir shop that offered souvenirs from local artists and some local products like wine and brandy.

The biggest building in the village is the St. Andrew church, from where you should have a great view of the Kvarner Gulf. We just saw the sea and the beach above us, unfortunately it was too cloudy and fogy to see further on the Adriatic Sea.

Our house was just on the corner of this village, so we had a sea view, but also the opportunity to wonder in the village whenever we want to.

It is true that it was just during the holidays, but I was surprised by the number of tourists that visited the village every day.

Walking through the village I’ve spotted also a traditional oil mill, that is not in function anymore but just open to public for visits.

The Church of St Sebastian, St Rok and Our Lady of Health, which has graced the town since 1501, also caught my eye. Interestingly, it was built outside the town walls.

And some more photos of the former guardhouse. Today in Christmas dress.

The village of Moscenice is connected by the sea shore with a road, bout there is also a nice walking path down to the sea. Nice, only in one way 😊- downhill, because there are 760 stairs from the village to the sea. It is a good way to burn some of the calories that have accumulated over the holidays.

Going back to Moscenice was not that funny anymore, and I admit that in the last quarter of the path I’ve intensively counted the stairs, hoping that the top was near. Fortunately, we don't have to count them, as they are marked every 100 steps 😅.

As mentioned already, below the village there is a charming and quite popular sea-side resort of Moscenicka Draga. It is a well-known seaside location, especially for the nice pebbled beach. I’ve never visited it in summer times. I heard a lot about this beautiful beach, but it was always presented to me like a quite crowded place, so I’ve never been there before.

The first impression of this seas side town was very nice, the beach looks great, the water is clear, and the cozy bars and restraints along the sea shore look great. Many of theme were closed, but I can imagine how vibrant is in summer days.

But never the less, we had a nice walk along the sea, the youngest one was collecting stones and sea shells. We had a nice coffee and hot cocoa at once of the sea side bars and chat about the past year and making plans for the new one.

Unfrequently the three days passed by very quickly, but we already made a plan for our next “gathering with friends”. I’m already hardly waiting for it 😊.

“Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious.” (Herodotus)

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Beautiful place! I imagine it in summer, bright and sunny, you captured very good images, greetings!

Thank you! Friends have told me that sometimes it's hard to find a place on the beach because there are so many people. Maybe they were just fooling me, I'll have to check for myself this summer 😋. See you around!

It sure is, it's a beautiful place, I look forward to seeing your summer review then :)

I'll be working on it in the summer 🍉

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Thank you @choogirl and @pinmapple Team for curating my post, really much appreciated!

Oh Croatia is a very charming country, beautiful and special. I loved it as I love your great photos!

Thank you @duvinca, I totally agree with you, Croatia is really charming! And in my opinion, it is even more lovely in the summer season than it's now 🌊. See you around!

I agree with you! I was there in summertime 😍

Maybe in the summer we'll meet there, somewhere in the shade with a cold glass in our hands 🏖️

That would be a wonderful dream! Who knows... jaja

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Thank you very much @bdcommunity Team and @rehan12 for your support, I really appreciate it!

Indeed this village is full of charm from the old vibe, the buildings, the streets and decors. The place looks so peaceful too.

Yes, it is true, the village was full of a calming energy, as if time had almost stood still. When the buses of tourists had left, there were hardly any more in the village. Only our group could be heard from time to time 😊

Muy bonito, encantador pero como para vivir allí, de verdad todo muy bien cuidado, que hermosura, tienes que dar gracias a Dios por poder visitar ese pueblo, Croacia esta muy, muy lejos de donde yo vivo. Es muy bonito y mucha historia, gracias por tu post

I have to admit that I am lucky to live not far away from Croatia, so I can visit it several times. Thanks for stopping by!

Es verdaderamente mucha suerte, un abrazo

Bravo :)
slike su ti super :)
Poz iz Opatije

Hvala vam puno 😉 Vidimo se oko!