Picturesque narrow streets in the small town of Skradin, Croatia

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Hello travelers,

This June in Croatia we visited Krka National Park, but in order to get there we had to drive a 2-3 hours because we stayed pretty far away from this place.

To enter the park, we walked a bit on the streets of Skradin, a beautiful pitoresque little town.
It's situated on the Adriatic coast in the Šibenik-Knin County.

The streets are narrow and there are stairs here and there. It's somehow the coastal style with narrow streets and concrete stairs.

The buildings are old and some of them are painted in bright colors. You have a few cozy coffee shops, terraces and food places. The boutiques are just enough to find something for everyone.

On the city streets there is pavement, concrete or natural stone, giving you that Mediterranean charming looking and vibe.





The town it's very popular because is a good starting point for exploring Krka National Park, known for its cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, and diverse wildlife.
Actually, visitors can access the park by boat from Skradin, creating a memorable journey through the river's scenic scenary. Same as we did.

Here's a picture taken in the boat we took from Skradin to Krka National Park.


We didnt get to eat here but appearently, Skradin is also a culinary destination, well known for excellent seafood restaurants where you can savor fresh catches from the Adriatic, paired with local wines. Sounds amazing and now that I got to write this down, I so regret not having time to eat here.




Me personally, I found this little town of Skradin captivating.
I allways loved cities with narrow streets and concrete floor. I love the Mediterranean architecture and style and this little town of Skarin has it all.
It's beauty stays in it's simplicity.
The history of the town is also interesting. The whole town was fortified and actually, it has a fortress we didnt manage to visit.

With Skradin I felt that I would love to see it again, visit around.
I really liked the colored houses, the redish roofs and the narrow streets.
I am also curious to see the wine yards here as Skradin is sourrounded by wine yards and wineries.

I can only imagine how would be like to spend an evening here, to take a walk to the waterfront area or its narrow streets, filled with good music, good mood, good food and a glass of wine. A super nice vibe in the dark with the lights on...sounds pretty relaxing to me.















I hope you guys made yourself an idea about this place, definitely worth a visit if you're around.💓
And the truth is, I hope to visit Skradin again someday so I can explore the areas I didnt get to enjoy this time.

Stay safe,
missdeli 💗

This below is a photo of me taken on the streets of Skradin 💓


💓💓💓 ~~~ missdeli ~~~ 💓💓💓

Brown Collage Travel Scrapbook (1).png


Croatia is full of surprises for me lately. I knew about its beauty but wasn't aware of how much it has to offer until both you and some relatives of mine explored it in the pretty same period and kept seeing images shared on social media from two different perspectives. That made me add it to my bucket list right away, lol!

Yes, it's full of surprises for me too. I didnt expect to like Croatia so much I do now and I'm really sincere that I would love to go again in Croatia, no matter where. I would love to explore some other parts too.

I hope you'll visit it soon enough and share your thoughts about it. 🥰

Hugs 🥰🥰🥰

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I think you will return to this place soon because I know that your admiration for the Mediterranean area is more than true. It's a pity you couldn't stay there for more days. The fault is, of course, the desire, generally youthful, to see as much and as varied as possible. I would have been happy with just a few days in Skradin, of course, if the sea was nearby. I didn't understand if it was by the sea.
I like that it doesn't seem like a crowded place. The quietness and relaxation seem more desirable to me than the hustle and bustle specific to some seaside places.
It certainly was a pleasant trip, glad you were able to enjoy it and I wish you a few more, if there is room.

I will surely return in Croatia, thats really for sure.
I am a bit sad for not going to Greece this year but Croatia was good too. It surely gave me that Mediterranean vibe.

Yes, sadly we were on a hurry. But also you dont know what to expect when visiting new places. And you make a plan ahead and your brain want to check it on the list.
But now you said something I need to consider. When and If I feel about a place that I enjoy a lot, I should make time (if possible) to stay a bit longer. In order to not regret it later.
Same was the situation here. We should have stayed for at least one more hour..

It wasnt crowded. We were in the beginning of June. People take this place as a going through location, to see KRKA National Park. They dont know this place is actually a travel destination. Same happened to us.

It is so nice to find places that please you, and that fit your needs and expectations. I understand that Croatia is such a place for you. How long does it take to get from Arad to Croatia?
It seems, from the way you tell it, that you enjoyed your travels and holidays this summer. They may have been different, but if there was a change, it seems to have been a good one.
It's good to start the autumn-winter with the peace and quiet of the holidays accomplished...
Thanks for your answer. Have an enjoyable summer to fall and maybe, some more travels!

I think a shark ate most of your jeans. 😉

I truly laught reading this. 😁🤣
Good one! 🤭

But no! Not true 😁😁

I'm glad you got a laugh, that was the plan. Those shorts look good on you, but the first thing I thought was yep, a shark ate them, so I said it. 🤪

Thank you 😁. You should see my other ones then. 🙈🤣🤦‍♂️

I wonder what type of animal you'd come with for those too. 😅

I'll let you know when I see them...there is an animal for every pair of jean-shorts. 😊

Well, those are long jeans. Let me see if I can find one on my phone. 😅

These. But trust me, they look much worse in the reality. 🤪

Ok, I'll wait here. 😊

Such an amazing place.I admire the people who lives there for able to maintain the cleanliness of the sorrounding.
Love your photos😍😍😍

Yes, true. Good point and agree on this one. The people make the place, anyways!

Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate it 🥰

You look young and pretty @missdeli ☺️
The place is pretty too..i would have a walk here if I happen to visit Croatia would be great to experience eating at those alfresco cafes..

Thank you Jane, you're always so sweet. Thank you for the compliment. Appreciate it ❤️
Well, what can I say...I am relatively still young, I'm in my early 30's. 😅You? 🙈💗

I would definitely enjoy a walk here again, haha. Imagine thr two of us, talking and socializing at one of those tables, getting to know each other better. Haha. Sounds good to me 😁💓

Such a beautiful and clean place. I love your jeans😘

Thank you, darling! I love these jeans as well. 😁 but thanks! Appreciate it. 🤗

The place is really beautiful and also giving a calm's indeed a very nice place to visit 🤭

Yes, indeed it is. I am just sorry for not sitting on one of those terraces. It would have been great...😍

Thank you for stopping by!

You're Welcome🤗...maybe you can sit on one of those terraces if you get to visit there again😻

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Thank you, appreciate the mention! Glad you enjoyed my post 😊

Wow I just finished going through your post and thought it was great, you really managed to bring out the beauty of the city, the atmosphere of the city and of course the local life.

Ah, those window shutters and the architecture of some of the buildings here remind me of Malta.

Yes, writting this post I felt already the atmosphere there. I would love to go again, dont you? 🥰

Croatia really is a country with a lot to offer, I've visited several times and have visited again without getting bored of it.
I can't wait to write another post from here, being one of my favourite countries😉

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Such a beautiful place! Like I would not even complain seeing that kind of view everyday!

Yes, same here. 💗💗

I really love the warm tones and colorful vibrance of this town! It looks like an awesome place to just spend the day exploring outdoors! Thanks a lot for sharing!

The pastel colored buildings makes the place idylic right? Apart from the streets too, which I truly love.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting I appreciate it and I'm glad you could make yourself an idea about this place going through my post. 😊

what a nice place! really so narrow streets... but they seem to be so comfotable! your photos are so bright and shiny that we have a great wish to go there right now!
and I like your shorts;))
and I like their windows! we don;t have such windows anywhere - they like from fairytales;)

Hey there my darling. Sorry for my late reply, I was quite busy again this last week. This tiny place is indeed very enjoyable. No doubts that a visit here feels good.
And thanks for liking my shorts too 🤣. They were a topic for interactions 😅.
Ooo those windows yes. We have something similar though but those combined with the narrow streets are something else

Strolling through Skradin's charming streets is like stepping into a Mediterranean painting. The vividly colored houses and narrow lanes exude a timeless allure. Your boat trip to Krka National Park adds a touch of adventure to this coastal gem. A return visit is a must for more delightful discoveries!

True all what u said 🙈💓

Exploring this region with you behind or in front of the lens has been a treat seeing your visit.

Thank u so much. You're a sweetie! 💗

Would love to explore places like this once more.