Predeal - the highest town in Romania and one of the most famous mountain resorts in Romania

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Hey guys,

We're in vacation at the moment. 🏞🚡🚵‍♀️
We had a booking for three days in Brasov, Transylvania, and now we're in Predeal, also a city in Brasov county.

Predeal is a mountain resort and actually it's the highest town in Romania, being located at an elevation of over 1000m.

It's one of the many mountain resort located on Prahova Valley, between Ploiesti and Brasov cities, the most known mountain valley in Romania because here are the most popular mountain destinations in the country.
Along Predeal, there are also Busteni, Azuga, Sinaia, Breaza, Comarnic.

This is a very very popular turistic area in Romania.


Predeal city is bounded by 3 massifs of the Carpathian Mountains: Postavarul, Piatra Mare si Bucegi.

Here, summers are quite cool and winters are really cold.
The city has a skiing slope also, being really populated in winter.

I really love the air here, you can feel its more pure. Also you'll feel it a bit chilly.

The city has thousands of turists every year, but its also a home for almost 5000 people.
Predeal is only 30-40 minutes from Brasov.


Predeal is mostly known for having a chairlift and ski lifts.
It's visited by turists both in summer and winter, all year round.

I think that 4 days here are enough. You dont have too many activities to do.
There are some terraces and restaurants visitors enjoy.






We ate at Restaurant Dragului.
We tried Bean Soup, Ribs and Rosemary and Garlic Oven Baked Potatoes, Veal Chicks in Pepper sauce, Parprika and Onion Potatoes.
They were ok, traditional Romanian food. We loved especially the soups.


The streets here go up and down.
The city is pretty small.

We enjoyed a beautiful walk around the city. You could actually breath the fresh cold pure air. 💙

There are many houses for sale, many buildings of the city are in renovation or being very old. Others are abandoned. The city isnt the same as it was tweenty years ago.

But there are new hotels, new facilitations. Surely its main attraction is the skiing in the winter.
As for summer, people come here often for the clean air and the mountain vibe.







There is a train station in the city, farmacy, football field, info center, boutiques, caffees.

There is a church and a Monastery.

There are a few supermarkets and one hipermarket.

People from all over the country come here for winter sports or for love of nature. There are a few mountain trails too that start from here.






Overall, the city of Predeal offers beautiful nature views.

Ski slopes in Predeal:

Coshos: medium, 2250m;
Clăbucet: average, 2100m; S
cable car: difficult, 1200m;
Clăbucet arrival: easy, 800m;
Clăbucet variant: easy, 790m;
Clăbucet school: very easy, 200m;
Cable car st. inf.: very easy, 670m;
Prâul Rece, average, 520m

Source here







Tourist attractions in Predeal and surroundings:
  1. Predeal Monastery
  2. Tamina waterfall
  3. Canyon 7 stairs
  4. The ice cave

Source here



















And this is the hotel we're staying: Elexus Predeal Hotel.

The hotel apparently it's a four star hotel, but in some ways, it doesnt feel like a 4star hotel.

The brrakfast is super delicious and diverse.
The rooms are small, looking good but it leaves room for some improvements.
The spa is only outside, they have a small sauna.
The balcony is big, but sometimes you could feel the smell coming from the kitcen, down floor. Somehow its juat below us.

Anyways, our experience here definitely worthed.
We're not staying in the hotel much. We're mostly outdoors, Brasov, Sinaia and terraces.






Thank you guys for reading, I hope you already made yourself an idea about Predeal, the highest city in Romania.
Its not the most beautiful mountain resort, but its a popular one in our country and should be visited at least once or passing by having a coffee around.

Have a good week,
missdeli ❤️


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I love the view of those streets with an array of pine trees. It gives me a Christmas vibe hehe.. Enjoy your stay in this place..

It's my first time seeing your eyes are too pretty @missdeli ☺️...

Yeah, I enjoyed that too. Everyone says this place is wonderful in winter. I guess you can imagine the pine trees and the snow combined and in contrast with the blue sky. 💙💙

Really? This photo is a bit whiter than it should 😁😆 , I thought its not my clearest photo.
But I did share some other photos of me in my old posts. But I think you're right, I didnt share a face photo of me in ages 🤣🤣. Thank you for the compliment. You are pretty too! ❤️❤️

Being in the mountains is one of the most calming sensations I experience, and one of those that I seek to live more, I think I've said it other times, and you have taken me on a fantastic journey that I hope to travel one day, thanks mires

I'm glad you enjoyed my virtual tour to Predeal, this mountain resort in Romania.
I feel the same when it comes to nature and travel

Cheers from Romania ☺️

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It's been a while since I last visited Predeal but out of all the mountain resorts, is my favourite <3

Its a beautiful resort, I understand why you like it. 💙

I dont have a favorite. However, I think I like more Sinaia. Good part at Predeal is having a skiing scale.

Enjoy your vacation! I have never managed to make a post during my vacation 😂 It always takes me ages to get to it..

I have never been to this part of Romania, but it reminds me a lot of mountainous part of Slovakia. Even the village looks similar 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Thank you! ☺️
I am the same when it comes to travel posts. I always share my travels months or years later 😆😆. Its just that this time, we were blocked for two hours in traffic. Thats why I managed to share this haha.

I only visited Bratislava in Slovakia so I wouldnt know but surely I trust you. You travel so much! 💙💙
Enjoy every travel you take!

Have a lovely day and weekend!

What a beauty Romania. Beautiful photographs. Que Hermosa Rumania. Bellas fotografías.

Glad you enjoy seeing my country in photos. Indeed we have a beautiful Romania.

what a nice travel post! so interesting to look at new cities! I like houses, they are not similar to our architecture, like from fairytales;)
you've good weather for travelling now, yeah? we've +35-40 now, and it's not ok as for me;)
and yeah, we've caught a virus infection and now struggling with it;( so our travellings are in your post for now:))

Thank you. Well, weather is just fine at the moment.
Here, at 1000 altitude, we wear long sleeve blauses and jeans. 😆😆

I'm sorry to hear you have a virus. Are you better now?

I hope yes;) it's one more case of mine when I was too fast, too tired, too nervous, and that's the result... we're always sick when we are not Ok inside, I guess you know what I mean, dear..

your cool air has come here maybe, I wear long sleeves in the evening as well now;)

Hehe we are at the Black Sea now and these days were so windy here.

And yes, I know what you mean! I hope that you feel at your best in no time!

Sending you hugs from here ❤️