Testing Adrenaline at “Bentang River Camp”

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Hello adventure friends, spending the weekend with family is an amazing moment. One of the most interesting places for me is the outdoors.

If you go to Aceh, I have a recommendation for a tourist spot that will challenge your adrenaline and test your courage. A white water rafting location is in Simpang Jaya, Juli District, Bireun Regency. This place is a location visited by tourists from various countries such as Malaysia and others.

From the city center it takes us about half an hour to get to this location. We pass through a rocky road full of challenges. If you come here you should use a dirt bike, because the road is hilly and filled with bushes.

This place is called "Bentang River Camp" and provides an interesting ride, namely white water rafting. The very steep river water sometimes causes the boat to capsize, and you must make sure you use complete safety equipment.




The cost to try this white water rafting ride is $4 per person and the distance is about half an hour. This place is also complete with other facilities such as tents for camping and stalls for shopping for necessities, you don't need to go to town to buy necessities.


Several friends and I tried to spend the weekend trying this ride. In my opinion this is a dangerous and challenging ride. Several times the boat we were on capsized due to being hit by quite steep waves.





However, there were no victims in this incident, apart from that this place is also guaranteed security by the owner of the place for the safety of these adrenaline testers. If you want to visit this place, I have a recommendation for someone you can contact and consult with.





If you are interested in trying white water rafting at Bentang River Camp, you can visit Instagram @alda_syuib or contact the relevant party owner of the place via Instagram @bentangadventure.

Muchsin Alman

I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I was born in October 1994. I am a trader in several Crypto markets, besides I am also a writer of fiction and poetry. I focus on charity and humanitarian work. I think I will take advantage of technological advances such as Blockchain and Cryptocurency to be able to help others.


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