[TRAVEL]: 3 Useful Websites for 'Brokepackers' (Inspired by Macchiata)

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Heeeyho Readers! Are you planning to travel like a brokepacker?

Goddamnit, I'm getting old and outdated.

However, the travel tips here presented still work, just with some added fees here and there. Also, the idea for today's post is a straight rip-off inspired by @macchiata's 3 Basic Travel Websites You Should Know. I thought it would be cool to add three more basic travel websites you should know, especially as a brokepacker.

Check her post the tips: 3 Basic Travel Websites You Should Know


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In addition to Macchiata's list of useful websites, I'd like to add three more. These websites aim for those traveling on extreme budget. Sure, the first two go beyond a source for free accommodation — to be honest, if you are only looking for a free couch, your chance of finding a host is slim. They are, in fact, an amazing opportunity to get deeply into new cultures.

1. Couchsurfing

CouchSurfing is a social media for travelers and hospitality exchange service by which users can request/offer homestays or interact with other people who are interested in travel. It used to be amazing 'back in the day'. Since 2020, however, Couchsurfing is charging a $2.39-per-month fee. To be honest, such a minor fee is cheaper than any hostel around the world, plus you'll meet some wonderful people along the way.


Source: Coushsurfing.com

I used Couchsurfing twice during my trips, both in Europe, while cycling across the continent. First, I stayed at an awesome dude's flat in Austria; he got out of his way to pick me and my bicycle in the middle of a rainy night. Second, in Czech Republic, at a lovely girl who offered me a place at her place.

The secret here is to be genuine, send sweet requests, show interest in your host's stories, share your culture, etc. Otherwise, you'll receive a lot of negatives.

2. Warmshowers

Warmshowers is a community of touring cyclists and those that support travelers (focused on bicycle trips). Their platform shares the same principles of Couchsurfing: provide a social media for reciprocal hospitality for cyclists and hosts. Warmshowers is free to use and is registered as a non-profit organization, meaning that they rely upon our donations to operate.

Screenshot from 2022-09-13 20-46-18.png

Source: Warmshowers.org

Even though I have a registration for many years, I've never had the chance to stay at someone's house through Warmshowers. That said, two friends who cycled from Mongolia to the UK reported the website's worked for them many times. The best we can do is try it out. Or register to be a host and you'll meet the coolest travelers out there — the cyclists xD

3. Hitchwiki

This one is for hardcore travelers. Hitchwiki is not a social media like the other two websites, but a collaborative project to build a free guide for hitchhikers. See it as the ultimate brokepacker source of information.

Hitchwiki contains specific tips, for example, for hitchhiking out of large cities, general information about equipment, safety and strategies to quickly and efficiently hitchhike. There are also personal profiles of the hitchhikers, travel stories, photos, blogs and discussion forums.


Source: Hitchwiki.org

This website has saved me time in various circumstances around the world, like getting the hell out of Buenos Aires in a hitchhiking trip across Argentina and Chile. Whenever I'm set for a moneyless trip, a quick look at Hitchwiki helps me avoid getting in trouble. Users also share free camping spots and how to navigate through cities as cheap as possible.


If you are considering the brokepacking experience, these three websites — along with Macchiata's — will not only save you money, but will definitely make the trip a lot more interesting. Always remember: the goal of a brokepacker is to meet people; saving money is just a precaution.

I hope that you find inspiration to get out there, knowing that the world is good and there's plenty of people willing to help a fellow traveler.


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Couchsurfing was really cool back in the day. Was using it for an entire month while exploring the east coast of the US back in 2010. So many great people, tons of memories. Haven´t actually used it since then though. Kind of switched to AirBnb.

@tipu curate

I was kinda sad to discover Couchsurfing is a paid service nowdays. I wanted to host ppl over here =/

AirBnb is great for when we have money xDD almost never my case

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I can vouch for couchsurfing. I used them a long time ago but never hosted anyone, just opt for a meetup. It's actually fun to socialize in a new place. But now, I don't use them anymore because I mostly have to do something and less time for such entertainment.

I've never hosted ppl either. I did go back to the website with the intention to host ppl, but discovered it's now a paid service =/ really sad

Long time no see. Thank you professor for these wonderful suggestions. As @macchiata said, travel has bitten me and now that I'm traveling all the time, these will be very useful.

now that I'm traveling all the time

That's awesome! Are you backpacking? You should try hitchhiking, it's a lot of fun

I don't usually backpack, but I tried hitchhiking a lot when I was a student.

Thank you so much for the information, i will be looking at Warmshowers once again.

I'm registered there but never really used it. Have you? It would be cool to host ppl at my place through Warmshowers.