Seitan Limania beach - Crete, Greece (September 2023)

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Hello everyone and welcome to another post from my trip to Greece in September. Today I am going to share about the most unique beach I ever went to - Seitan Limania beach on Crete island.

Most of my friends from this trip already went to this beach two years ago and first thing they were taking about is the fact sneakers are a must! Now, as someone who has a big fear of heights I wasn't warned enough of how scary the path to the beach is... After about one hour ride from our accommodation we arrived at the parking spot and from there the only way to the beach is down the very steep and narrow rocky path. But before that we were welcomed by, what is going to be, one of many goats that are just chilling around this area.

I took way too long to get to the final destination because of my fear of heights. I was trying to focus on my steps and not look to my right because every time I did, an instant panic would take over me. I did have a panic attack and that too was quite scary. I won't go into details but it took me some time to calm down once I got to the beach. Other than boat, this is the only way to get to the beach as it's completely surrounded by these rocky mountains and the path is really narrow and steep, it's hard for people to pass by one another so you always have to stop and stay on the side just to be safe.

As this is a wild beach, there's absolutely nothing here which means you have to bring everything you might need/want from sun umbrellas, food, water, beach towels of course... It can be very crowded and we barely found enough space for all six of us at the very left close to the water. Another thing I didn't know about this beach is the fact there's goats randomly walking around, without any care in the world. My friends said that two years ago when they visited goats didn't go down to the beach, they were just on the mountains. This time however they were all over the space, walking over people, over towels, sticking their heads in bags and backpacks searching for food, following people when they were eating something... It was so funny as they just went for it without any hesitation. People had to stand in water while eating as goats didn't go into the water but they made sure to stand and stare at every person eating.

These funny goats made me forget my previous panic attack and I ended up having a great time experiencing a beach day very different than I thought it would be. This entire experience turned out to be one of my favorite days on this two weeks trip and one of my favorite memories.

Of course I had to jump in the water that has this beautiful, gradient color and it's so clean - perfect for swimming. I didn't go too far away though as I am not a good swimmer and the waves here can be strong and unpredictable. Luckily, the water was pretty calm on this day and a lot of people were jumping of the cliffs which was very brave of them as getting help here in case of emergency or injury would be really challenging.

Here are two photos randomly taken by my friends. On the left I am showing the goat I don't have any food in my hands after she walked all over our stuff, lol. On the right we were going back from the beach and this part of the path is at the very beginning so it's nothing compared to the horror of the narrow and steep path. Going up was smooth and much easier for me, there was no sign of panic and it was much faster than going down.

Final look at the Seitan Limania beach which actually means Devil's port and the name really suits this spot. Overall, I would definitely recommend this beach as it's very unique and beautiful, it was worth my personal inconveniences. Suitable foot wear and being careful are a must and if you are an adventurer, I am sure this would be a perfect place to visit! Also making sure you have water and at least some snacks or food especially if staying there for hours.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post! :)



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Wow what a wonderful spot and those goats 😂 that's something special. 😁

It was definitely an unique experience! 😆

Spectacular place! It is worth the effort of descending the peak, and the goats not to mention hahahaha, I find them so funny! 😂

Yes, it was worth the initial struggle, goats were so funny! 😁😂

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I'm proud of you making the hard trip and facing your fear 🤩
I love the view there. Maybe one day I'll get to visit it. And jump from the cliffs hehe.
I'm glad the annoying goats didn't ruin the day

I actually remembered you while writing this post, lol. You would find that climb a piece of cake, haha. Thank you for your kind words of support! ☺️😄
If you ever get a chance definitely visit Crete and this beach! 😁

hehe will meet you there in a few years 😜