Little boat trip to the cinque terre

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The cinque terre, literally the five lands is one of the most beautiful scenarios of the Liguria, I went there this summer but I forget to share a post about it, now it's time to take you with me in this lovely boat trip.

  It's call the five lands because from the sea you see the most being village of the coast, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Corniglianand Manarola. 

All the villages are really beautiful but in our trip we only see it by the ship it was a two hour trip around the coast, very charming and relaxing. 

The national park of le cinque terre its an UNESCO site and many tourists come there to visit these lands, I must admit it's not a cheap trip, this place it's so famous that it's always full of people and the prices increase easily. 

The lands are on the Ligurian sea and during the years the terraces on the sea became really a charming view, you can visit them by car or by boat. 

All these lovely villages are special and spectacular because they have both a charming sea side than a mountain side and a lot of lovely streets and monuments. 

The cinque terre suffered a lot during the second world war and we lost lost half of this cool place, luckily people rebuild every and they did really a good job! 

Most of the economy of these places is based on tourism but they also gave a lot of olives and vegetables cultivation and many fishermen that sell fresh fish.

It's now a place with a rich economy, it raise like a phoenix after all the suffering it went through. 

There are many paths around the villages some of them like sentiero azzurro are extremely popular, people prefer go there by train or feet or boat because the streets are really littles.

By the way we enjoyed a lot the view from the boat I was so surprised of it, it was really beautiful. 

I hope one day I will have time and money for visiting all the cinque terre with calm and patience. 

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Whoa, what a beautiful place. I love those boats on the background. And those big buildings is like an added design to make the place looks prettier.

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