Lunch in Ecuador! Food and fun in South America.

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A New York Style Pizza at Chicago Pizza Restaurant in Ecuador.

November 2018……before all of this Covid nonsense I had a chance to live in the amazing town of Cuenca, Ecuador for a few months . It was a gorgeous day, 20 degrees with a light breeze. Part of why I love Cuenca, Ecuador is the amazing spring time weather. After a day of work online, I like to venture out of my apartment to get some food.

such a beautiful citysuch a beautiful city

What’s lunch look like in Cuenca, Ecuador?

I found a restaurant which made me stop and take a pause.

it was a $1 slice of pizza at a place called Chicago Pizza Restaurant.

I think you’d get lynched in Chicago, if you called this Chicago style pizzaI think you'd get lynched in Chicago, if you called this Chicago style pizza

It is New York Style, definitely not a Chicago Deep Dish.....

But hey it’s a buck. ($1.25 Canadian) and includes a glass of Coke.

There's a lot of pizza, hamburgers or hot dogs for my meals here in Ecuador. It’s all about a $1.25 and usually includes that glass of Coke. I like mixing up my daily food, and Cuenca, precovid had a lot. I wonder if they are all open now? It is kind of rough thinking about all those little mom and pop shops with no tourists. Cuenca has a great long term expat community, so hopefully they have kept those restaurants open.

With so many choices, what would I recommend? The cheap hamburgers are disgusting, do not get them. I think it’s random meats and sawdust. But the cheap hot dogs are pretty tasty. Be careful, ordering a hot dog with the works, or as they say “todos ” which means mustard, ketchup and mayo.

Seriously, mayo doesn’t belong on hot dogs!Seriously, mayo doesn't belong on hot dogs!

I know you’re thinking what about Ecuadorian food? Why travel all this way to eat hot dogs?

Usually restaurants and cafe’s have an almuerzo, or menu del dia which consists of

  1. A meat of some sort

  2. A soup

  3. Rice

  4. Beans

5.A juice

A typical Almuerzo is pretty filling and costs about $3 Canadian.

Definitely worth getting. But if you are staying for a while, you might get a little sick of eating that daily.

Cuenca has a great selection of food and you should definitely check it out. I'll definitely go back as soon as we can fly again, and maybe I'll see you there!

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