2000 Hive contest to celebrate reaching 1000 Travel Digests 🥳

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Authored by @choogirl

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Hello everyone. As you are probably aware, last week we cracked the ONE THOUSAND mark for #traveldigest posts. Woo! 🎉🥳🍍 However, because of the hard fork and some backend issues we were having as a result of that, this post is slightly delayed. Even so, we are super excited and thrilled to announce our 1000 contest with 2000 Hive in prizes. Oh yes, you read that right!

A little background info for those who came in late 🍍

It seems like a lifetime ago that two strangers, @martibis and @choogirl had a conversation in the PAL discord server where @martibis revealed his dream to create an interactive travel website and @choogirl responded with "that sounds awesome, do it". Since then, @livinguktaiwan, @itchyfeetdonica and @lizanomadsoul were recruited, and together the five of us form the core @pinmapple team. A shout out also goes to @oroger for his assistance on the technology side.

Before we transitioned to @pinmapple on Hive we were Steemitworldmap on Steem. This means the project has been up and running for three years with close to 55 000 posts pinned to the map and over 11 000 rewarded.

Each day, we manually curate the best travel content pinned to the map and produce the Travel Digest. So hitting the one thousand mark is a pretty big deal. We like to think we've helped keep travel bloggers and vloggers on the chain by promoting and upvoting high quality content and providing tools that travelers love like Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere.

Everyone's a winner baby 🎵

To celebrate reaching 1000 #traveldigest posts we were going to give away 1000 Hive, but thanks to @roelandp throwing in an extra 1000 Hive, we now have 2000 Hive to distribute. Here is how you can win.

Join our raffle (1000 HIVE)

  • 🥇 Winners: 10 x 100 hive prize pool (1000 hive total).
  • Go to the 1000 Contest raffle page and get raffle entries
  • Your Hive account needs to be at least one week old
  • The closing date is Saturday 5th December 2020 extended due to log in issues for some people.

“If I had $1000” Writing Contest (700 HIVE)

  • 🥇First place 200 Hive 🥈Second place 150 Hive 🥉Third place 100 Hive.
  • Honourable mentions: 5 x 50 Hive (total 250 Hive).
  • Create your entry in the Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple community on the Hive blockchain.
  • In your own words, where would you travel and what places would you visit if you had US$1000 to spend? Be creative. Be passionate. Don't just write I'd go here, then here, then here. Furthermore, the $1000 amount is meant to inspire you and be a guide, it does not mean you have to provide an accurate cost breakdown of everything you would do. You might prefer to be on a shoestring budget trip with many stops, or blow it all on one night in a luxury hotel. Then of course there is everything in between. The choice is yours.
  • Get your inspiration from Pinmapple. Add at least one place that has been pinned to the map already and give someone's post a shout out. You don't have to upvote it, especially if it's outside the payout window, but you do have to reference it. You can also reference your own posts if you would like to return somewhere, but don’t just copy and paste that text into your contest entry (we will check).
  • Original content only, no plagiarism.
  • Do not use other people's photos without their permission. Use your own photos or royalty-free ones from pixabay, unsplash etc.
  • Use the tag #pinmapplethousand.
  • You must add "This is my entry to the Pinmapple If I had $1000 Contest" to your post.

User Experience Writing Contest (300 HIVE)

  • 🥇Winners: 3 x 100 Hive (300 Hive total).
  • In your own words tell us about your experience with Pinmapple and/or Haveyoubeenhere. Some ideas include how you feel when you look at your own map/collection of pins, how you use it to plan your next trip, how you document your work around the world, your quest to travel and put a pin in every country, your experience with the Pinmapple team, etc.
  • Your post needs to be at least 300 words long.
  • Original content only, no plagiarism.
  • Use the tag #pinmapplethousand.

Anything else?

  • The closing date for all writing contest entries is Thursday 25th November 2020 Tuesday 1st December 2020. (Extended)
  • You can enter both writing contests multiple times.
  • Post a link to your writing contest entry/entries in the comments section of this post so that we don't miss it.
  • Please read about our new DHF proposal and if you like it, vote for it too of course!

Where is all this Hive coming from?

We would like to give a big shout out and thanks to our fabulous sponsors. Thank you for helping make this contest possible.

@ausbitbank, 200 Hive, witness.
@c0ff33a, 200 Hive, witness, check out the Hive Music Festival.
@crimsonclad, 150 Hive, joint witness with @FollowBTCNews.
@eturnerx, 200 Hive, check out the NFTshowroom.
@martibis, 150 Hive, founder of Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere.
@roelandp, 1000 Hive, witness.

Last but not least a massive shout-out to all of you travelers who have together pinned nearly 55 000 posts to the map so far! Just, wow! ❤️

Travel Digest.gif

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Here's my entry of the first writing contest:

Off to write my entry on the second one. Haha

That's pretty cool, great milestone with 1k locations! I keep trying to upload a video but 3Speak is failing me hehe. I have a bunch of travel blogs to post but aren't entirely familiar with the Pinmaple interface so I will have to take a look and see how it works.

No no, 1k #traveldigest posts, there are currently 55k locations on the map! 😁 Ah, I hope 3speak gets everything sorted, likely some issues with the Eclipse Hardfork. You definitely should it's super easy to use, you go to https://pinmapple.com (where you can see all posts), than you click the "get code" button at the top. Click where you want your post to be and you will see a little code at the bottom, copy that in your post anywhere and your post is on the map and if it is good will be curated by our team! 😁

Ah okay great thanks! I should have read closer attention to the post, I do remember you said the #traveldigest tag was at 1k posts, not the locations.

I will definitely give that a try, I saw many people posted things in Italy but I don't know if anyone posted links to the particular city I have some stuff for! Looking forward to when I get it sorted out.

Already looking forward to seeing you on the map! 😁 Definitely let us know how it went!

55 000 pins on the map is a great achievement. I will participate in the contests.

Thank you, we are quite proud to have reached these milestones for sure! 😁

This is simply amazing!! :) In my small way, I too participated in this project and I will continue to do so, staying here is like being in a family. Go on like this guys, you're doing a good job! I also really like your contest initiative, so cool. Greetings :) <3

Yes, it's incredible how all of you travel authors came together and really made the map what it is today! And thank you! 😁

I can't wait for this Covid-19 situation to improve in order to start traveling again in peace :)

Definitely participating on this.

Awesome! 😁

At last!! The Pinmapple Thousand contest is out!!! And with a bumper 2000 Hive prize pool!! Look forward to loads of entries!!!

@tipu curate

This is so cool! I hope creativity accompanies me in this contest :)

We'll look forward to it, and don't forget to claim your raffle entries for the 1000 Hive draw as well!

Wow - what an event - will try to do a post about....

... let's see


Awesome, yeah, we tried to go all out for this one! 😁

My (first?) entry to the contest -- fortunately for me, someone in the community recently posted on where I would like to go this weekend: St. Petersberg, Russia, specifically the Smolny Convent

Thanks for your entry. Don't forget to claim your raffly entries as well.

ohhh my god, this is fabulous, a great competition will start with high quality post because the hive travelers are very good.

so i'm ready to go around the world with all those publications and i'll immediately start working on mine.

Dreaming is free and here I can win hive just for sharing my travel dreams, thank you very much and congratulations to this great team. thank you @pinmapple

And you also have a chance to win in the 1000 Hive raffle draw. Don't forget to claim your raffle entries by following all the actions!

If you have already reviewed them, quite a few requirements 🤭

And each one gives you an extra entry! 😁

Wow! what an achievement, congratulation :) Your initiative is an inspiriation to travellers. You are doing such an amazing job on the Travel Digest :)

Thank you, we really try to do what we can to support the epic travel community here on Hive! 😁

Wow...What an impressive achievement !!! Lots of travellers getting to know Hive and using Pinmapple..since haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple is a great community to share all our travel memories and experiences. Been here for a while and your community is my top favourite, you guys doing amazing job. I will definitely join the contest.
I downloaded app @haveyoubeenhere and tried to sign in with my hive account but could not, I don't know why but I will try again soon.

Awww, so glad to hear that, we really try to do all we can for the travel community on here, so it's nice to be appreciated! 😁
Oh oh, that's odd, did you manage to get in? If not, definitely give me (@martibis) a dm in Discord and I will try to check with you what is going on!

Still not yet 😐 @martibis. Or my technology skill is too bad 😚 I think I could not be able to sign in with hivesigner even I already enter all my kinds of Keys 😃. I'm asking my refferer to troubleshoot it for me, if it's still not working, I will definitely DM you. Thank you very much & Have a wonderful week :))

I guess I'm a little bit confused here about the total amount of prizes.
If I understand correctly, these are the categories:
Join our raffle (1000 HIVE),
“If I had $1000” Writing Contest (1000 HIVE),
User Experience Writing Contest (300 HIVE)
That's 2300 Hive.
I'm not concerned about the winning but I want t mention it in my post and don't want to mislead anyone.
Can you please clarify it?

Ah! I see the confusion. It should be 700 Hive for the "If I had $1000" writing contest, not 1000 Hive 😂

We'll need to amend that, thanks!!

Phew, I thought I can throw my economics diploma into the bin! 😂

Oopsie, that's my (@martibis) bad, I edited the post to list the prizes next to the titles, but I guess I did it a bit too hastily! Fixed now! 😁

@martibis back to school, asap! 😁

Hopeless! Mr Pinmapple 🍍 can do better than him!!!

Lol. Yes. I was pretty sure I checked the totals when I was preparing the post.

I'm back with my experience and thoughts regarding Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple and am looking forward to read other users experience. Have fun!

Such a great entry and thank you for the kind words! 😁

What an incredible entry, I've been to Utah once (@martibis), when I was hitchhiking through the states and naturewise it's amazing! I am sure you will get to go there at some point and love it! 😁 And thank you for the kind words! ❤️

Thanks for the encouraging words and I'm happy I got the inspiration to take part into the awesome contest! You really did a great job organising it ☺️

Congratulations, @pinmapple team. This is superb milestone. I'm happy to see my pins on the map! :) Here's to wishing the team and the project continuous success, and more pins for me and a lot of hivers around. <3

Hope to be able to contribute entries to the contests too!

Thank you, we are definitely proud of it too! 😁 Thank you and looking forward to your entries already!

What a generous giveaway/contest!! I love what you're doing @pinmapple, keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing the results of this one.

Thanks there!

I'm sure you can think of plenty of ways to blow $1000 to take your family away on a holiday. Why not enter our writing contest for a chance to win part of the 700 Hive pool.

We also have 10 x 100 Hive prizes for the raffle draw. That's very simple as well. All you need is to do some simple tasks like following us, or subsribe to our community to claim your free raffle entries. You've probably done that already so don't forfeit you raffle entries!

$1,000 could be used to buy enough land for a small farm in the country. I didn't enter the writing contest, but hoping to find time to do so.

I did go the site and made all the entries I was already eligible for though, such as Discord, Facebook, etc. Watching with interest....

If you have time, please do enter, there are two different writing contests

Oh gosh a writing contest with the mostest??? I have to enter this one!

Here is my first entry - I am sure I'll write another. I very much enjoyed writing it and looking at everyone's posts on Pinmapple!


You can read any my post about travel. Or I neeed to write the new story? )))

It has to be original contnet, and your travel post have to fit the contest criteria which you can find above.

You're on the roll! Keep them coming girl!

Well that was a lot of research as I've never been to Scotland nor ever left the shores of South Africa, but I finally went Walking in the Footsteps of my Ancestors - The Scottish Highlands
Thank you for the $1000 @haveyoubeenhere and @pinmapple!

This idea is wonderful ❤️. Congrats for the 1000 digests. I will definitely participate in the contest 😍

Hi guys, I imagined visiting Madrid and had a great time, I'm amazed how I got the money for everything. https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@carolinacardoza/this-is-my-entry-to-the-pinmapple-if-i-had-usd1000-contest-or-madrid-espana

Congrats on 55000 blogs and thankfully a few are mine !

Here is my

This is my entry for the User Experience Writing Contest:

See the world in a new normal world time

Thank you very much.

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