Travel Digest #1343

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Hello everyone! This is @ybanezkim26 and I'll be presenting today's edition of #TravelDigest in behalf of @livinguktaiwan. I'm curating and drafting this digest here in one of the most beautiful islands in the world - Boracay. Just sharing. Anyway, in our featured posts, we have a dam in the Philippines, some awesome landscapes in Czechia, and an island in Greece. Enjoy and have a blast for the rest of the week!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 My Solo Plight to Mt. Pulag (PART 1): No Plan, No Problem by @patsitivity

After eating breakfast, we had a quick side trip at Ambukalo Dam. I believe this side trip wasn't in our initial itinerary but I'm glad we spent a few minutes here.Ambuklao Dam is part of a hydroelectric facility in Brgy. Ambuclao, Bokod, Province of Benguet. It is approximately 36km away from Baguio City. Ambuklao Dam is "one of the oldest power plants in the country and was among the first large hydroelectric power plants constructed in the Philippines"

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🥈 From Žďárské vrchy to the Moravian Karst - Day1 / Ze Žďárských vrchů do Moravského krasu - Den 1 by @softa

At the end of August, I went on a week-long trip to Ždárské vrchy with my friends, but about that sometimes, because I don't have all the photos I took on this trip for all sorts of photo equipment yet. That is why my journey begins in the middle of the woods after I disconnected from my acquaintances and set out on a journey to the Moravian Karst. The first thing I met was a photogenic pointed rock called Dráteník.

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🥉 Day 2 of my Trip to Greece | Tag 2 meines Trips nach Greece by @chrislybear

At the end of the accessible beach of Potos you come to a steep edge, which I flew off with my drone. The small "caves" look very interesting, but you should enter them only with shoes, because there are a lot of sea urchins. :D

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Honorable Mentions

  • Hike, Cape Town, South Africa by @zo3d
  • Lake, Yavoriv, Ukraine by @shady
  • Hill, Merek, Indonesia by @maytom
  • Hill, Govardhan, India by @steemflow
  • Town, Peribeca, Venezuela by @evelynchacin
  • Park, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia by @new.things
  • Cape, Falcon, Venezuela by @yolimarag
  • Gem Show, Tokyo, Japan by @rt395
  • Island, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama by @nisidc
  • Mountain, Breuil-Cervinia, Italy by @karbon
  • Museum, Batu, East Java, Indonesia by @arlaarifin
  • Coast, Grand Gaube, Mauritius by @progressivechef

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