Travel Digest #1444

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Madagascan Adventures (Part Three) by @kieranstone

"You can't help but be on your guard and wonder what's going to happen next. We're pretty much in the middle of no-where in a surrounded by enough people that, if they wanted to, could take all our shit and leave us there and there wouldn't be a damn thing we could do about it."

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🥈 Albania the beautiful: Hiking into nowhere by @koenau

"Only those who turn around can have another look at the rushing sea. From the top, there are wonderful views of the Karaburun Peninsula and the historically rich island of Sazan. In the sparse forests, however, it immediately becomes very quiet. Hardly once do you meet other hikers or even villagers on the way. Only in the lively mountain villages this changes."

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🥉 A hikking adventure with friends to the Frey Regufe ⛰️ by @phendx

"The elevation increased in a very sudden way. Very sudden. We couldn't walk quickly any more, we had to focus a lot on where we were stepping and it was challenging enough to make us climb from time to time. That last km was almost vertical and full of rocks, we had to be incredibly careful as we didn't want to get hurt or twist our ankles..."

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Honorable Mentions

  • Hike, Port St Johns, South Africa by @zo3d
  • Nature, Da Lat, Vietnam by @trangbaby
  • Urbex, Goole, England by @slobberchops
  • Theme park, Hong Kong by @jane1289
  • Town, Salento, Italy by @greengalletti
  • Town, Sapa, Vietnam by @hyhy93
  • Town, Iluka, Australia by @kohsamui99
  • Church, Vung Tau, Vietnam by @trangtran23
  • Nature, Hoa Bac, Vietnam by @crazy-bee
  • Hike, Transalpina, Romania by @lovelyscape
  • Walk, Peak District, England by @darrenflinders
  • City, Jaipur, India by @marianomariano

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      great to see other travel blogs !PGM

      Thank you so much for taking me into account for the top three! I really appreciate it! <3

      You're welcome. Bariloche is a beautiful part of the world.

      Hi @choogirl!

      Great job on this!
      I don't know where Hive would be without you, it would be terrible.

      Love all of these posts but particularly the one to Frey Regufe.

      NINJJJJ! Awww, thanks and good to see you mate. So much has been happening in my life. I live at the beach now. I will DM you.

      The beach?!? That's incredible! I so look forward to your message!!!

      Thank you for the feature @choogirl and great support team @pinmapple :)

      You're welcome!

      Oh wow! Thank you so much @choogirl and @pinmapple! Nice to find you again on Hive!

      You're welcome and a great post as always @kieranstone!

      @choogirl very nice articles you found there!

      Got a Question about how you choose those articles - Are people posting through your App more likely to get featured?
      Are there any specific criteria?

      Kind regards,

      Hi there. Our selection criteria are based predominantly on quality, We would of course like you to post directly from our haveyoubeenhere and pinmapple community so all the best travel content will appear in one place on Hive. Plus you get more exposure as curators know where to go if they are looking for quality travel content to curate. However, there is no requirement to post in our community and if you do so, it doesn't increase your chances of being curated, again quality is most important. However, if you do get curated by us, and you have posted in our community through the main front ends such as peaked,, ecency etc , you may get more support from OCD as our community is supported by them under the Community Incubation Program.

      Hope that helps.

      Okay, thank you very much for the explanation!
      I am trying to use this community more often and write more/more detailed. Sadly, I am horrible at writing posts, but I see it as motivation!
      Thanks again for all the work you do!

      I love the WorldMap feature. Helped me a lot of times when talking to friends and I want to show something to them!

      Great to hear that. The beauty of the Pinmapple map is that you can share it with your friends and family who aren't on Hive, particularly when you build up your own personal map (you know you have one right?). And when you go away on holiday and want to find places to go, it's always there for you.

      Just write your own personalise travel experience, that's when people normally churn out the best content

      Yes I am using the app and the Map:
      Really awesome when showing stuff to people.
      I am using GPS Map Camera as well, do you think that could be a feature for the Haveyoubeenhere app too? Would love to have that feature.

      Have a great day! :)

      great to see other travel blogs😗😗😗

       4 months ago  Reveal Comment

      You're welcome!