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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's #TravelDigest. For today's Top 3 Pinmapple posts, we will start off with walk up the Spanish mountains, then head over to the Philippines to explore some mysterious caves, and finally we'll go over to Brazil to one of their many beautiful beaches. Enjoy!!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Pozas de Belsué📍 Huesca [Eng][Spa] by @ninaeatshere

" So we arrived to Arguis, a super small village where just after entering is the restaurant that had been recommended to us called Ca la Silvi and another bar further on, nothing else.It is one of those rural villages with charm, very nice streets and old structures preserved and on the other hand large family villas that match the environment."

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🥈 All caves should be like this! | Paraiso Cave, Camotes Island by @patsitivity

" Now, look at that! It was so satisfying to see this pool just a few meters (not more than 15 meters, I guess) below the ground. I believe the pool's depth changes depending on the tide but when we were there, it was perfect for swimming. Some smaller kids even jumped into the water."

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🥉 Bahía (II): Morro de São Paulo, on an island... in paradise? by @duvinca

" We arrive at the island of Tinharé, one of the islands in the archipelago that make up the municipality of Cairú. Even before disembarking we already feel as if we were in another world, or as if we were witnesses or protagonists of some environment worthy of "pirates of the Caribbean", because it certainly seems that in a very short time we have travelled far away to those wonderful Caribbean islands."

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Honorable Mentions

  • Graveyard, Karachi, Pakistan by @shahzad-ansari
  • Sanctuary, Noordhoek, South Africa by @stevemuis
  • Landscape, Krysuvik, Iceland by @lightcaptured
  • Statue, New York, USA by @belug
  • River, Belaya, Russia by @apnigrich
  • Hike, Mt Mandalagan, Philippines by @ybanezkim26
  • National park, Queensland, Australia by @travellingcogs
  • Viewpoint, New York, USA by @for91days
  • Park, Michigan, USA by @bozz
  • Valley, Prague, Czech by @phortun
  • Rocky Mountain, Canada by @inavan
  • Siquijor Island, Philippines by @itsmejonah
  • Park, Kesztolc, Hungary by @fairyberry
  • Castle, Northumberland, UK by @hoosie

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      Thank you very much for this mention!! It makes me so happy!! 😊😊

      New York is such a special place, definitely a handful of cities around the world one must go


      Thanks so much @pinmapple and @livinguktaiwan ☺️

      You're welcome, glad your mum had a nice day out for her birthday

      Thanks and it was an amazing one all round :)

      I am super excited to see my post in honorable mentions. Last post title in the list is mine but associated with another author and linked incorrectly.

      Ah! Corrected already!

      Btw, you can post directly to our Pinmapple community from the major frontends such as,, and get greater rewards as none of those frontends nor Pinmapple take any beneficiary cut from you!

      Thanks for info. I will definitely try

      Oh! Thanks a lot @LivingUKTaiwan really it's so cool to be one of the winners, congrats to all the honored winners and mentions. This is a wonderful community where people share amazing posts always which invite us to read and to dream of great travels around the world.

      We love taking people around the world everyday, and thanks to your contribution as well!

      Thank you for the mention, @livinguktaiwan!

      Another crazy hike from you !!!


      So awesome - thank you so much!

      You're welcome

      Thank you for the mention and the lovely support!
      How come I always add new wish-list-points when I visit the digest? :)))
      One life is definitely far from enough!

      ha ha!!! The folks on Hive really go to some amazing places don't they!!!

      An absolute fact! :)

      Thanks for the mention & congrats everyone featured here! :)

      You're welcome!!

      OOh thanks @pinmapple glad you enjoyed the post!

      You're welcome guys!

      Really note interested to post in our Pinmapple community You get more exposure and potential support here 🙂 🍍

      Whooooha 🎉
      I’m very pleased for the recognition and support @pinmapple ☺️

      Sharing this beautiful places for you all to travel a bit with us it’s a placer.

      Let’s go for more 💪🏼

      Thanks for sharing such a lovely spot with us. Keep them coming!!!