Travel Digest #1877

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Split: The true diamond of Dalmatia by @koenau

"But Split also has beautiful beaches, lots of culture, street musicians, and streets that are so parked up that there's no turning back if you get lost with your car. The diamond in the city's crown is undoubtedly the Palace of Diocletian, an ancient complex of buildings that served as the retirement residence for the Roman emperor Diocletian."

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🥈 Argentina - Los Duendes Waterfall in Bariloche: good option to walk a bit in the forest. / Cascada Los Duendes en Bariloche: buena opción para caminar un poco en el bosque. 😃❤️ by @lauramica

"Both my friend and I had been to Bariloche before, so for this trip we thought about doing some things that we would not have done on previous trips. All of Bariloche is beautiful and has a lot of traditional places to see: as this destination is mainly winter, there are several centers where you can ski and also panoramic points to see the mountains when they are all snow covered."

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🥉 Market Friday at the foot of the Alps by @jelenaa

"We continued walking and suddenly we met a lot of horses coming towards us. We heard that they came from Austria and Italy and that this is a custom and tradition in Kranjska Gora during the May Day holidays. My son greeted them by clapping his hands and waving."

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Honorable Mentions

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Thanks for the feature @choogirl and @pinmapple 😎

Congratulations for the hivers who have made their post into Travel Digest #1877.

Thank you very much for @choogirl and @pinmapple team,

I will make sure to read all the post in Daily Travel Digest #1877 and give my best upvote for them.

Thank you, much appreciate it :)

Thank you so much for the mention! Congratulations to the winners and other honorable mentions!

You're welcome @tatdt!

Thank you for the honorable mention :D

Thank you very much for this mention!! It’s an honor to be here!!