Travel Digest #1890

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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #TravelDigest. I hope you enjoy today's virtual trip around the world with Pinmapple!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Trip to Solivar in Prešov by @photoparadise

" Solivar in Prešov is one of the most important technical monuments in Slovakia. It is a complex of technical facilities for pumping salt from the 17th century. That's enough to say. We found out that it is a complex of buildings at the very beginning when the guide took us out of the building and out onto the street."

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🥈 Beirut, Lebanon - Travelreport 🇱🇧 by @worldcapture

" Traveling to Lebanon was always very high on my list as I'm super interested in this region around the middle east. When I was talking with some of my friends about my upcoming trip I got mixed feedbacks and some people still think that there is an ongoing war in Lebanon but little spoiler - It's not, since 1991 there was no war in the Country."

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🥉 My Adventure in Dolo Waterfall, Kediri, Indonesia (Feels like lost in the forest alone) by @queen-silvia

" Well, Since I came around 4 PM, I was alone in the forest, all visitors were already going back because the day is getting dark. I keep convinced myself that I have to reach the waterfall because I have gone this far. no way to postpone the visit to the waterfall. I keep walking alone going down the forest. I am totally alone and fell like I was lost."

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Honorable Mentions

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Congratulations for all Hivers whose posts are featured in Travel Digest #1890.

Thank you so much @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple for the support. I will always try my best to create quality post about travel regulary.

I really love pinmapple community and will reply & give my best upvotes to all of the above posts.

Thanks again and have a nice day


Look forward to see more great content from you

Hello Pinmapple,

Yes, I just upload my fun adventure in Ironggolo Waterfall with my mom on Sunday. I hope the community like it :

Thanks and have a nice day

Thank you so much pinmapple ❤️

Thanks for showing us such an interesting museum

Thank you so much @pinmapple team and @LivingUKTaiwan for recognizing my blog for today's Travel Digest. Congratulations everyone 😊.

Great post as always

Thanks for the support I guys! I really appreciate your work :))

And we thank you for sharing your travels with us on Pinmapple!