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Hi everyone it's @lizanomadsoul here introducing the Monday edition of the #TravelDigest.

Another day of great places and stories around the globe to read about! This time we have great stories from The Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia, Croatia, Japan, Ukraine, France, Vietnam, India, and The UK - So a little bit of everything! - Enjoy ;)

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Wat Phra Kaew: A Living Museum of Thai Architecture and Spirituality, Bangkok, Thailand by @baibuaza

Throughout the centuries, Buddhism and Thai society have shared a profound and enduring bond, shaping the very essence of Thai culture and influencing the lives of its people from ancient times to the present day. This remarkable relationship has bestowed upon Thailand a rich tapestry of spiritual heritage, a legacy cherished by the majority of Thai citizens who hold Buddhism in the highest regard. Their unwavering devotion has led to the construction and preservation of numerous religious sites, each telling a unique tale of faith, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of the Thai people. The origins of this extraordinary affiliation can be traced back thousands of years when Buddhism first arrived on the shores of the Kingdom of Thailand. As the teachings of the Buddha spread throughout the land, they resonated deeply with the Thai people, offering a profound philosophical framework and moral guidance that resonated harmoniously with their existing beliefs and values. This spiritual harmony served as the catalyst for a deep-rooted and symbiotic connection that would endure through the ages.

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🥈 When the universe conspires to lead you to the best plan, Mt. Kalatungan, The Philippines by @mariasalve

You get that feeling when you know exactly you’re about to do something big? It’s like all the small moments pile up into something bigger and momentous, and you find yourself saying, “No going back now. This is it.” That was how my friends and I felt during our Mt. Kalatungan climb last 2019. After all the plot twists — from a series of earthquake swarm in Mindanao, the closure of our original destination (Mt. Apo), two typhoons wreaking havoc in the country few days before our trip, to our organizer (Shiela) almost left behind at the airport — we found ourselves onboard a plane heading to Davao.

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🥉 Saltinskaya Gorge, Dagestan, Russia by @apnigrich

Outside my window are summer, green grass, and trees. But already now our company is starting to plan a trip for Christmas, we are deciding on the direction of our trip. During the discussion, memories of our trip to Dagestan last Christmas returned. Yes, our corporate trips happen in winter. This has its charms and advantages over summer visits to tourist places. The most important thing is the absence of many people in interesting places, cafes, and restaurants. Of course, there are places where tourists tend to go at Christmas, but Dagestan is not among them. It is possible that in a couple of years, the situation will change and tourists will go on Christmas holidays and to these beautiful places.

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