Travel Digest #2002

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Hi everyone it's @lizanomadsoul here introducing the Monday edition of the #TravelDigest.

Another day of great places and stories around the globe to read about! This time we have great stories from Thailand, Mexico, Romania, Venezuela, Pakistan, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, The US, The Philippines, and Argentina - So a little bit of everything! - Enjoy ;)

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple and our curation trail and potentially @blocktrades and @theycallmedan. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Teotihuacan: the ancient Aztec city of the pyramids (Mexico VII) by @duvinca

Now, we leave the capital of Mexico in the direction of one of the most fascinating places to visit, a unique and unmissable visit. It is also quite easy to get to, a not too long journey and different transport options. You can go on small tourist buses, for example, which pick you up to take you there, where? We go to Teotihuacán, the ancient imperial Aztec city of incredible pyramids that are still there showing us a part of the culture that lived in those lands many centuries ago. During the trip, before arriving we stop at a workshop where they make typical artisanal pieces of that culture as well, pieces that will always remind us of Mexico and we also find others that are somewhat more current or recognizable, like that typical big hat. And in the surroundings, the prickly pears grow on those cacti that decorate the path.

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🥈 Visit Wat San Ton Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. by @kriang3teejoe

Hello everyone. Yesterday I shared a temple in Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province. And today I will share one more temple, but this temple is located in Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province. This temple is called Wat San Ton Muang or Wat Muang Kam. Wat San Ton Muang is a newly built temple. This temple was allowed to be established as a temple in A.D. 1989 (34 years ago). Journey to Wat San Ton Muang, From Mueang Chiang Mai District, travel on Highway 107, Chiang Mai - Fang route to go to Mae Ai District. Upon reaching Mae Ai District, journey on the highway to Mae Ai Subdistrict. And enter municipality alley 62. Once you enter the alley, journey about 180 meters to this temple.

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🥉 Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Câmpina(Romania), travel among legends, ghosts and seances by @triplug

Some time ago I was reading some information about a castle in Romania, more precisely in the town of Campina which according to legends is haunted, so I put this location on my short list and now it's time to visit it and today we will visit it together. The castle is located on Carol I Boulevard in Campina, Prahova county. Visiting hours are from Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm (the schedule may be different in winter). The cost of an entrance ticket for one person is 15,75lei/3euro. We were accommodated in the city of Ploiesti and on the way back home we took a little detour from the main road to Campina, in a relatively short time we were already in the parking lot near the castle (parking is free). As soon as I passed the entrance gate I saw the castle, wow, that was the first impression.

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Honorable Mentions

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Ah now you see if there's one place I would want to take a visit to it would be something like the temple in Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province. So much history and depth there.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful mention!!! Very happy to be there on the top of winners of this Travel Digest Edition! Congratulations to the rest of winners and honorable mentions! It's a pleasure to be with all of you!

Congratulations to the winners 😊

Thank you so much @lizanomadsoul and @pinmapple. Congratulations to everyone who received this award.🎉🎉

Thank you very much @lizanomadsoul and @pinmapple team.

I am very happy to win this competition for the first time and I will try to keep working hard and many many congratulations to the other winner's.

I love all these places. Thank you for providing a good platform for us @pinmapple

Amazing post and photos. Love that place! 😍