Travel Digest #2051

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Hi everyone it's @lizanomadsoul here introducing the Monday edition of the #TravelDigest.

Another day of great places and stories around the globe to read about! This time we have great stories from Colombia, The Philippines, Ecuador, Venezuela, Italy, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa, Hungary, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Israel, and Vietnam - So a little bit of everything! - Enjoy ;)

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 A 3-hour hike to reach the black lagoon. MONGUA, BOYACA- COLOMBIA by @paoberroeta12

The trails of the black lagoon is located exactly in mongua an extremely beautiful place and with a spectacular weather to go for a walk and walk the trails and then get a beautiful view of the black lagoon. After walking for a long time enjoying the weather and the good scenery and of course climb several hills in the distance we saw something that shines and a color like oil and indeed was the black lagoon, murky waters with a very dark contrast now I understand the name of black lagoon. This lagoon has a great length of 80 meters wide and 730 meters long is very extensive to walk and get a beautiful view.

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Here in the Philippines, we have various kinds of natural features in the form of land and water. We get to enjoy their natural goodness and adds a scenic view to our surroundings. Just like we have visited a deserted area in a body of water in Toledo, Cebu, the alluring LAKE BENSIS! The astonishing view of the lake with its emerald green cold water surrounded with lush vegetation of greens. Lake Bensis has been cultured with Tilapia fish. One could buy it anytime as long as the fish is available. They have cultured it in the heart of the lake. They have to take the boat to get them.

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🥉 🇪🇸|🇺🇸 Observando Baños de agua santa desde sus hermosos miradores. | Observing Baños de agua santa from its beautiful viewpoints. 🏞️☀️ by @mili2801

We continue touring Baños de agua santa, but this time our destination is its famous viewpoints, which are many here, however this time we will visit several, something positive in this beautiful day, is that the sky was completely clear and it is a sunny day, this allowed us beyond visiting the beautiful viewpoints, it allowed us to visualize the city from afar and see how beautiful it is in the distance, a cloudy day would not have allowed this, in fact in the previous visit it was so because it was a cloudy and rainy day, allowed us to visualize the city from afar and see how beautiful it looks from a distance, a cloudy day would not have allowed this, in fact in the previous visit was so because it was a cloudy and rainy day we could not visualize the city from the tree house, in this case when leaving the hotel the view of the town looked super green, from that moment and imagined the view from the viewpoints.

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Wow beautiful scenery on your land. Nice that you go these place for outings. So wonderful photography