Travel Digest #2070

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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. Today we start our Pimmapple Top 3 journey on a scenic boat ride on a Spanish lagoon, then we visit the lovely Italian city Treviso, and finally we go on a motor cycle trip in Taiwan! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 A boat ride in The Albufera lagoon by @mipiano

"We got some beautiful golden colours to accompany our boat ride. The reed whispered its stories and we stayed for some moment silent, just to enjoy the ambience we found ourselves in. The singing choir was taking a rest from making any music. We were the audience this time."

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🥈 Let's travel together #276 - Porta San Tomaso and Ponte delle Università (Treviso, Italy) by @gabrielatravels

"The bridge was built a lot later than the gate, happening in 2006 which represents a whole new century with lots of changes in terms of architectural designs and decorations, but somehow, it still kept its origins not bothering too much the overall impression of the village that is looking absolutely stunning from many points of view."

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🥉 A Motorcycle Road Trip to Buyenting (不厭亭) near Jiufen, Taiwan by @krios003

"There's a spacious view deck at this location where you can take in the mountain range of Keelung. I arrived there with a few groups of locals and cyclists. Unlike Jiufen, this area isn't crowded because it's relatively hard to reach, making it a hidden gem."

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Honorable Mentions

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Congratulations everyone. Great work. Keep sharing 😁

Since you're here, I hope you're not just words and no action, and will support the users curated

Their work is amazing enough to be supported 😁. Will surely be here to do whatever I can 💝

Thank you for the mention 😍

Those are some really tight caves to get into!

Yeah, it is. Glad we didn't bump into rocks lol

Congrats all participants.. I'm ready to travel to the world through your post!

Hope you enjoy your virtual travels

Thank you for the mention :)

Hanoi is such a bubbling city, lovely food

I agree! Thanks 😊

Ayooo! Thanks @livinguktaiwan and @pinmapple team! Congrats to everyone here! :) keep rolling, much love! 😜

you're welcome, show us more of your Taiwan travels please!

Thank you very much 😃

You're welcome

Thank you so much🙏

There are so many awesome temples in Thailand, thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for the mention! Congratulations to the winners and other honorable mentions!

You're welcome

Awesome! Thanks so much and congrats to all featured travelers!

Thanks for taking us on a lovely walk around Cambridge

Thank you so much for selecting the lagoon boat ride 😌, I hope it was interesting to see this little corner of Spain!

Yes, very different, didn't expect to see a lagoon ride in Spain, thanks for taking us along

Congratulations to all the winners, we do live in a beautiful world not so!
Thank you so very much for the honourable mention and awesome support dear Mr. @pinmapple, and for the curation @livinguktaiwan!

The world is as beautiful as we collective make it, and thanks to Hive, we can travel to all four corners whenever we want.

Thank you so much! Made my day!

You're welcome, have a great time in Ohio

Thanks for showing us such a beautiful canyon.