October in Schaffhausen

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We were both sick for almost a week and yesterday was the first day when we were feeling good enough to go for a walk. It was also a sunny day and it sounded like a good idea to get some sunshine.

I didn't sleep well the night before as I was following the results of the parliamentary elections in Slovakia until late in the night and I woke up realizing that we are going to live in the past for next four years, so I needed to go out to calm my mind and deal with my disappointment. And it helped! I focused on walking and taking pictures, and it cleared my mind completely for a while (at least).

Sundays in Schaffhausen are rather calm as most of the restaurants are closed, so there are not so many people around. Surprisingly, there weren't many tourists eithers, and it looks like the tourist season is slowly over for this year. We can have the town for ourselves again!

Let's have a look in the old town..

It looks like our small town is part of Schaffhausen, so we usually walk there. It is about 3 km to get from our place to the old town, but since we are not completely fit yet we decided to take a car. The only thing that is separating those two towns is a road sign. It's in the middle of a residential area and the sign is between two houses that are connected by a fence, so these neighbours live in different towns.

Normally, we would go to the river, but this time we chose to stay in the city.

We started our walk at The Tell fountain. Why is it called like that? The statue on the column is of William Tell and it's symbolizing the freedom loving Swiss. The statue dates back to the 16th century Fountain and it's decorated by flowers at any time of year.


There are many fountains in Schaffhausen and it didn't take us long to get to the next one. This one is called The Tanner Fountain and it's less than 100 years old. It is located at a small square next to one of the main streets, but most people don't really come here.


From the fountain we took a small alley to get to one of the main streets. We were surprised to see quite a few people in the restaurant as it was already around 3 PM and the Swiss are early eaters. It might have been tourists or very late lunch/very early dinner eaters 🙂


From this street which is called Unterstadt you can get to the Munot that I have showed you a few weeks ago. You can see a bit of the vineyard surrounding the Munot. This is one of my favourite corners in Schaffhausen with these charming buildings and steep staircase.


Today we will not go up the Munot, but we will stay in the old town instead. Schaffhausen is one of the best preserved medieval towns and its most beautiful feature are the facades of the buildings with their typical oriel windows. There are more than 300 oriel windows across the town!

There are restaurants that have tables placed in the oriel windows and it's a lovely experience to dine there with beautiful views of the city.





Let's look at some details of the facades now...

Most of the old town was bombed during the World War II by accident. It is difficult to believe that it was an accident, but since we are so close to the border with Germany the signalling system was apparently showing that the jets were already on the German side, so they started to bomb the city. After the war Schaffhausen got a compensation package from the Allies and rebuilt its charming old town.


Most houses here have names. This one is called Zum Glass which means To the glass. Maybe it housed a glass production before...


There are so many beautiful details if you just look up...


Zum goldenen Lowen or To the golden lion...


Zum Ritter or The Knight's house is considered to be one of the most important houses in Schaffhausen. The original façade paintings date back to the 16th century and we can admire them in the museum today. The paintings that we see now were recreated in the first half of the 20th century and reconstructed only a few years ago. Every time I pass by the house there are many people taking photos, so I can imagine that this is the most photographed house in the city.


The tourist office was moved to this convenient location only a few years ago. It used to be a restaurant before.

The Schaffhauser Bock is a symbol of Schaffhausen and we can also see it in the coat of arms. I have only noticed the poor guy below the bock that is carrying him...


Many houses also have their construction date written on the façade. This one dates back to 1748.


Here we can see the main square or Fronwagplatz...


And guess what? There is another fountain here as well...


We reached the Herrenacker which is a large open square in the middle of the city. It is used for events and festival when there is a large stage built on one side and the rest of the square is open for the audience.


There are some parasols and chairs across the square where you can chill out...


We were heading to a small bistro for a drink. We sat down next to a large container with flowers from where we had perfect views of the square...


I was not sure if ice cubes were a good idea for my sore throat, but since it was already in front of me 🙂


We stayed in the city longer than we planned and as it was getting a little bit colder we decided to go back to the car and head home.

We were happy to have walked a bit and the sunshine was good as well. Overall, it was a great afternoon!

See you next time!


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Wow, very interesting place 🙂 top photographs. That day looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

Moc krásné město. Ten podzim je letos fakt neskutečný, před pár dny bylo tady v Praze skoro 30 stupňů. Takhle teplý podzim jsem ještě nikdy nezažil.

Ten Fico, to je fakt škoda mluvit... Nechápu to :(

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It's a really beautiful town there! I love those kind of cities that preserve some enchantment from their moment of creation and gives the feel of a calm life style there.

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