Enjoying the Beauty of the Beach and Cliffs on Lamreh Hill

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Hello friends Travel and Pinmapple, may God always bless us all.

In this post, I would like to invite you to visit one of the beach tourism destinations in the Aceh Besar district. Even though the distance is so far from Lhokseumawe, the city of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar Regency are always interesting to visit.

We may have visited a number of popular destinations in the city center too often. However, this time we will move further from the city center and ride a motorbike to the beach area.

One of the interesting spots to visit in the Aceh Besar district is the Lamreh hill beach tourist area. To go to this tourist area we have to travel about 1.5 hours from downtown Banda Aceh.

The road leading to the Malahayati harbor area can be accessed by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. The main cross public road leading to the Buket Lamreh tourist spot is indeed quite good, because it is asphalted and also wide.

This area was in 2004 the area that was affected by the tsunami, if you pass the Ujong Batee passage, heading to the Malahayati port, we can see a number of buildings that have been destroyed by the tsunami waves. Traces of the building's foundations and concrete are still clearly visible, which illustrates the enormity of the 2004 tsunami.

Even the beach area has begun to widen to residential areas, a number of land areas have turned into rivers that are connected to estuaries. On the left side of the road we can find a pond area which has become a stretch of ocean overgrown with mangrove trees.

Not far after passing Ujong Batee beach which is also the center of the housing complex area built by NGOs for Tsunami victims. These houses are built right into the higher ground which is the hill area.

After passing Ujong Batee beach, we will arrive at the Malahayati port, not far from here we will soon arrive at the Lamreh hill tourist site. Along the way to Lamreh hill, we will be spoiled with views of the hills and the expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Entering the tourist area of ​​Lamreh hill provides obstacles, because we have to pass through an inadequate trajectory. The access road to the main spots in the area at the end of the cliff must pass through rocky roads and arid land.

The uphill and downhill roads give you the courage to be adventurous, however, the road can be accessed by motorbikes. The texture of the soil is so rough that it appears to be formed from the rocks that form the hills.

The area of land that looks barren and arid is only grown by a few types of trees, such as tamarind trees and the like. Meanwhile, green grass will be difficult to find in this hill area, because of the texture of the rocky soil that forms coral soil.

This lamreh hill is located in Lamreh Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar. One of the good spots in this hill area is at the end of the hill, called the tip of the kelindu.

If we pay attention, the charm of this hill is due to the existence of high cliffs reaching 20 meters from the beach. When we go to the end of the hill, we will enjoy the expanse of open sea with blue and clear water.

The rocks on the beach can also be seen clearly from the top of this hill. We can use some trees on the edge of the hill to take shelter while enjoying the beautiful natural charm.

The gentle breeze with the beautiful panorama of the open sea and the clear sky makes us feel more comfortable in this location. The crashing of the waves and the occasional sound of breaking waves forming against the cliff walls, further adds to the natural roar.

To enter this area, we only need to pay an entrance fee of IDR 10K per person and IDR 5K for vehicle parking fees. Being on this hill provides an exciting feeling of reinforcement by enjoying the expanse of the open sea and the charm of the beautiful cliffs on the beach with sparkling white sand.

That's my post this time, I hope this post can be educational and give you experience. Thank you for reading and supporting my post.

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