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Hello Travel and Pinmapple friends everywhere, in this post I want to share my travel story when visiting Central Aceh district.

I have shared a number of spots that I have visited in the city of Takengon, which are a number of popular destinations in the Central Aceh district. This area is known for its diversity of beautiful and amazing natural tourist spots, so this is a mainstay district for tourists to enjoy a number of tourist destinations in this cool city.

Because the mainstay of tourist destinations here are lakes, lakes that stretch wide in every corner form a beautiful tourist area. A number of local residents who own land on the shores of the lake make it a tourist destination.

On my way to this tourist location, I really enjoyed the trip by breathing fresh air and discovering the local wisdom of the people on the shores of the lake. A number of residents who live in this area are Gayo tribes, they are natives of the highlands of the Gayo mountains which are spread across a number of districts such as Gayo Lues district, Bener Meriah district and Central Aceh district.

The most popular known in this area is coffee and plantation crops. However, a number of existing natural attractions are no less interesting which can generate future economic income in this region.

Many tourists are interested in visiting Takengon, because of the beauty of nature, besides that, we can also adapt to the culture of the local community. We can find many lessons and experiences if we travel to this city.

Now I want to invite you to go to one of the tourist spots by the lake. Indeed, the lake area has a number of beautiful tourist destinations with natural views that amaze the eyes of everyone who looks at them.

I will take you to a tourist destination which is about 20 minutes from the city center. This time my partner and I traveled by motorcycle, don't worry, the track to this area can also be reached by car.

Passing the winding road along the way to the location, you can take it slowly while enjoying the fresh air and looking at the beautiful lake. On your right side, the towering cliffs of the hill seem enough to test the adrenaline for us to climb.

This is the Ujung Nunang tourist area, located in the village of Gunung Suku, Lut Tawar, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh, a tourist destination area on the edge of a lake managed by local residents. Then, what sensations and impressions will we find at the tourist sites here.

Almost the same as other destinations in the lake area, one of the sensations we get is to see a closer view of the lake. However, this location is not only like that, because it is in a strategic corner location where the view of the lake becomes wider, we can see more distant sides.

Then on the side of the road, there are hills which make a great backdrop for when the sun goes down. A number of flowering plants make this large area more colorful, but sadly not many shady trees that I found.

Some trees only grow in the parking area and a number of points on the edges that are spaced apart, so they are not shady. Even so, the cool air will make you really enjoy it, especially when the weather looks sunny.

This area is also very suitable for camping, because this area is very wide. They also have public facilities such as toilets and a small canteen to buy drinks and snacks.

However, there are no restaurants or cafes in this area, so the advice is to buy the food and drinks you want and enjoy in this area. Here there are also a number of seats in the form of a hut.

The thing you need to pay is the entrance fee, when I entered here, I paid IDR 15K and enjoyed nature for free. They also made a number of icons from bamboo and wood that looked unique and aesthetically pleasing as spots for selfies.

If you want to take pictures, you can choose several spots and seats that are closer to the lake and provide a beautiful background. If you want to sit in the hut, you have to pay a rental fee of around IDR 30K for the hut which can be occupied by 4 people.

Overall, this location is very beautiful because of the natural and lake views, but what makes this location unique is because they made a number of icons made of bamboo which are used as rides or spots for taking pictures. My trip this time was quite enjoyable and I really enjoyed the sensation of nature at the Ujung Nunang natural tourist location.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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