Nature Tourism Spot in Bener Meriah

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Greetings, Pinmapple friends! I pray that you are always healthy and prosperous. This is my holiday experience, and I am very happy to be back to share my travel stories with you.

I was traveling back from Takengon town on the Takengon-Bireun main causeway. After entering the Pante Raya market area, turn right to access the Takengon-KKA route in Bener Meriah. Bener Meriah, in the Pante Raya neighborhood, is where I pass cafes and restaurants on my way home.

It looks like a typical restaurant from the outside, but it's actually Patent Cafe and Resto. However, you will be stunned and overwhelmed by the beautiful atmosphere as soon as you step inside this cafe. The name of this location, Cafe and Resto, is short for cafes and restaurants that serve food and drink.

On the Takengon-Bireun route, the restaurant's location on the side of the main road caught my attention and made me curious. Not surprisingly, lots of cafes and restaurants line the roadside in locations not far from the main market. Even though it is in the middle of the city, this location with several coffee plants looks stunning and cool because it is located on a plateau.

When you enter the courtyard, you will see that the cafe is made with eco-friendly ideas and has water rides. I find it great that they mix rides and games with the restaurant industry. Besides a large parking area and a restaurant in front, they also provide public toilets and a prayer room behind the restaurant.

On the right side of the restaurant, there is a water slide and a big beautiful garden. It's an amazing, clean and very green water ride, and the natural scenery around the restaurant area is just as cool and lush. They built small fountains in several corners of the wall overlooking the pond and garden canals for irrigation.

The larger pool, meanwhile, serves as a platform for fish-watching and paddle-boarding. They keep various species of large fish, including tilapia and carp, in this large pond. There are lots of fish among them that follow every canoe rowed by visitors, and some are lured to the edge of the pond when tourists poison the water.

In addition, the water looks very clear from the top of the slope behind this restaurant. They most likely used pure and fresh natural water flowing from a river source. There is a kid's sized pool and waterslide available for them to play on.

This restaurant also sells fish bait, so guests who want to provide their own can do it right away. When some fish gather around you to devour their food, it's really cool to see. Visitors can rent canoe paddles for only IDR 20,000 per hour, which is a bargain considering how long it takes you to circle the pond.

Snacks are one of the many food and beverage options offered by this place. On that day, I chose Nasi Ayam Penyet and Stir-fried Kangkunh Vegetables, both of which were fantastic and perfect for dining poolside while enjoying the cool, lush surroundings. Here, you can order food at very affordable, cheap and regular prices.

I am very happy to visit this restaurant because it has the best go-green and water ride concept. Service, meanwhile, is provided in the local language, making communication simple. Exciting water rides and stunning pools give a sense of beauty.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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