Religious Tourism Spot in East Aceh

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Hello Travel and Pinmapple friends, may God always bless us all. I am very happy to be back to share posts about travel activities.

In this post I want to share one of the religious tourism spots that you can visit on weekends.

On weekends, there are many activities that we can do, one of which is relaxing, leisure or traveling to tourist sites. Our trip to East Aceh district has brought us to visit a mosque full of religious and historical values.

An important part of life is appreciating historical values, even religious values which are an inseparable part of the human soul, especially for myself. For me, religion and history are the basic fundamentals in organizing a more moral life.

The teachings of values that give me a lot of knowledge about philosophy and life experience in wandering. In this short trip, we headed to the Ba'alawi Mosque which is located at Pucok Alue Dua, Simpang Ulim, East Aceh Regency.

This mosque has become a new icon in the East Aceh district, apart from being a place of worship, this location is a center for historical studies and religious tourism. Every day, this green mosque is always crowded with tourists, both local and inter-district tourists.

Because of its grandeur and historical value, that is what makes this mosque crowded with visitors both for worship and to visit the tomb of a charismatic Acehnese scholar named Habib Muhammad Al-Attas. This mosque is also the fifth mosque he has founded, besides in Hadramaut, Yemen and Singapore.

This mosque in East Aceh is the fifth mosque founded by Habib Muhammad Al-Attas and after the inauguration of this mosque he passed away. Now this mosque has become a religious icon for the village of Pucok Alue Dua, Simpang Ulim District, because of its history and religious philosophical values.

This square-shaped building has 5 domes, with one dome at the top of the roof and 4 other domes on each side of the building. At the entrance to the mosque, there are 3 main doors. The entrance to this mosque is on the east, north and south sides.

Inside the mosque you will see calligraphy filled with beautiful artistic value. Calligraphy, which is dominated by yellow, green and red colors, adorns the walls and attic ceiling of this mosque, which looks luxurious, elegant and beautiful.

This mosque has a garden and a large parking lot that can accommodate up to dozens of cars and hundreds of motorbikes. When we enter through the main gate leading to the courtyard of the mosque, the parking area is on the right, where you will also find a park there.

In the middle of the courtyard of the mosque there is also a pond and a fountain, on this side we will also find stone inscriptions containing inscriptions about the history of the construction of this mosque. In the water area, we can also find a number of vendors selling street food-style snacks.

In the northern part of the mosque there is also a canteen that sells various Middle Eastern-style accessories. They sell a number of mementos that can be purchased by visitors as souvenirs typical of this mosque.

Not far from the canteen's grounds, there is the tomb of Habib Muhammad Al-Attas who is considered sacred to this community as a charismatic cleric who is a role model. Many residents make pilgrimages to this tomb to pray and hope to get blessings.

Apart from being a place for worship, this mosque has also become a historical icon that can be used as a religious tourist spot in the East Aceh region. Religious tourism gives us lessons and experience sensations about strengthening knowledge, faith, and psychology.

When we visit any place, we must uphold the values of local wisdom, culture and beliefs of local residents. As tourists we only focus on experiences, life lessons and sensations from a trip that gives us knowledge from various regions.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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Our family travels to visit religious places around March or April the time for Lengthen season.

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