Exploring the ancient Kashmeri Gate an ancient gateway to The Paradise on Earth.

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Namaste Everyone,

If you've ever driven to Delhi, I'm sure you've heard of Kashmere Gate, or possibly Kashmiri Gate Metro Station, as a well-known tri-junction Metro station, and ISBT Kashmere Gate Bus Stand.

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But have you ever wondered what was on the other side? So it inspired me to reflect and explore the old Kashmeri gate and its stories, and I did my utmost to convey my experience with you people.

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So let's begin!

It was roughly 5 p.m., and I was on my way to Manali from Delhi. I had my bus booked from a station named Majnu-Ka-Tila near Kashmeri Gate Metro station as I was looking forward to returning to my hometown for the winter Break at college.

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As I reached Kashmeri Gate Metro station and and got to know that I have reached the station early near about an hour or so.. A thought spiked on to my mind that I have heard the name Kashmeri Gate as a Metro Station about which I was concerned during my college days as the station form which I used to catch up the metro train which lead towards the location where my University used to be.

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But I had never examined the true history of Kashmeri Gate. Was there an actual gate present, or was the name Kashmeri Gate merely an ancient moniker given to the location? ( A gate that led towards Kashmir).

I had reached the place an hour early instead of sitting and passing my time waiting for the time to pass by so that I can catch my but which was going towards my hometown. I finally decided that let’s explore this place Kashmeri Gate!

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I was totally new to this place, Delhi as since I was born and bought up in Mountains seeing and experiencing the life of Delhi whole lot a different experience for me. People form differed places staying at a single city people from different sections of economy all working and living their life on the Magical place, where time never stops for anyone.

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A region that is the country's capital, where nothing ends and neither does time, whether it is happiness or pain... a location with a large population, a diverse population, and a rich culture.

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So I finally took my phone out and surfed about Kashmeri Gate and I got the information that It was just around 500m form the Kashmeri Gate metro station Exit Gate No. 7 at that time where I was.

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I am sure that almost every single guy who has been to Delhi had heard of Kashmeri Gate as a station known for it's Metro station and also for the Biggest ISBT bus terminal. But no one would have seen the historic ancient monument that is just by the side of the place where almost everyone had during their visit to Delhi.

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The ancient monument which was declared to be the historic national monument under the Ancient monument and Archeological sites Act was one a long time ago had a great Importance in the History of India.

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The Kashmiri Gate was built as an entryway to Shahjahanabad's walled city. It was erected by Shahjahan after relocating his capital from Agra to Delhi in 1638 AD. The city was surrounded by rubble-made high walls reinforced by bastions (circular and square) and fourteen gates as entrances and exits from various districts.

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Kashmiri Gate is one of fourteen gates, and its placement marked the path from Sharjahanabad (Now Old Delhi) to Kashmir.

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The significance of Kashmiri Gate is also linked to its use by Britishers and Indian independence fighters during the Mutiny of 1857. When Britishers first arrived in Delhi, they erected their residential estates in the Kashmere Gate neighbourhood.

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During the Mutiny, Indian independence fighters used the gate to launch cannon balls at Britishers. They used the place to gather and plan ideas for freedom fighting. As a result, the gate represents the first patriots who gave their life for the cause of Indian independence.

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The monument's walls were constructed from several types of stone, as shown in the image. Despite being composed of stone, the walls were quite robust.

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A closer view of the front left side of the Kashmeri Gate.

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The walls were observed collapsing owing to varied environmental circumstances, and the stones that were strong enough to sustain this ancient structure were gradually losing their grasp.

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Few of the enormous stones used to build this massive ancient structure were still keeping the ancient walls together.

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A closer view of the front right side of the Kashmeri Gate.

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A close up photograph of the stones of of the walls of Kashmeri Gate

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The secondary entrance to the Gate.

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The inside view of the Kashmeri Gate.

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The Outside view of The Kashmeri Gate.

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A stone over which a miniscule bit of history related to the monument was etched.

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So that’s all for today guys. I hope you liked it.

All these photographs were captured by me using my iPhone 12.

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Thanks for your precious time.


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