Four Wheels beyond the Last Village of Manali. A heavenly Experience.

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Hello Everyone,

Been a long while since I have been on a car drive, A drive at not at a place full of traffic, hustle and bustle but a drive just with the sunrise and a cool snowy breeze just shouting out loud "Good Morning" in our ears...

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So lets Begin;

Location: Rangri Manali
Time : 7:54 AM

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POV "A beautiful day out here the sky seems all clear and the sun about to rise, on this day we decided to go for a drive and go beyond the last village of Manali.. Kothi Beyond which just the Mighty Rohtang Pass lies.

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It was my first time experience going beyond the last village of Manali Kothi, though in the past I have had visited Kothi Village but did not get a chance to go beyond it because of the place usually being covered under the blanket of snow and today as being the fews days of the week when the snow at this place totally melts and just right after few days the place again gets covered under the fresh blanket of snow.

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As seen in the picture the mighty mountains of Pir Panjal Himalayan range were seen visible and the mountains were namely seven sisters covered under the snow as till now no one was ever successful in reaching the summit of these Solang Valley Seven Sister Peaks due to their stiff elevations and falling of cliffs during such activities as being said by the local mountaineers stating that the peak is still under formation due to which it is prone to avalanches.

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Gradually with the winter showing up its colours and autumn leaving its the place had a unique vibe of yellow and brown shade all around which was slowly getting covered with the white blanket of snow.
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It was really a very special moment guys as seeing this place not covered under the snow at this time as usually the whole place during this time of year used to get covered under snow and there was no signs of transportation.

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This was the road going to the last village of Manali though there were very few houses in the village that we covered up just right behind us even the last known location which was out destination was Marhi the top of Manali which had a motor-able road.

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The road was aa empty as there was no sign of traffic and it seemed like that the whole place looks like that it is frozen.

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To be very honest guys the views form this place were really scenic as the last village of Manali Gubala and Kothi could be seen just right below the place form which this photo was taken as seen in the picture.
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The sun was rising slowly as these huge mountain ranges were now allowing the sun to properly show up though the signs of morning light could be seen covering up half of the portion of the land and half of the protion been uncovered.

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After reaching few miles beyond the last villager we decided to get out of our cars and experience the beauty of nature and beauty of this morning that we would be remembering throughout our lives.

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Till now I was taking all the photos form the running car and now I finally got an opportunity to capture the beauty of nature and share It with you guys by visiting such an incredible locations like these.

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Beyond the last village a whole new world starts, a place with no vegetation no trees and not even grass but the highway built strong over the high altitude... We were at an altitude of around 4000m above the sea level nearly half the altitude of worlds tallest mountain Mt. Everest.

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At this point we were about the NTZ (non tropical zone) at which there are no signs of vegetation except dry grass and rocky mountain without soil.

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As I looked behind my cars window we came of far and Manali was not even visible form this location, we had been driving since two hours and the journey seemed like driving in heaven.

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After driving through the steep mountain turns now the road got a bit plane and it seemed like that we were at a great elevation. Even the sun was making the light on half of the portion of the mountain as seen in the picture.

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The sky seemed all clear with just a bit of a cloud who just forgot his way..!

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The location was making us enthusiastic and so was the road all clear... we were driving so freely and were enjoying the moment.. I was continuously taking a ton of pictures and in car the music was playing making it seem like a dream of driving on an empty road in the mountain with the good music and sunrise...

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And here comes the sun.. Do.. Do .. dooo

IMG_3873 Large.jpeg

Of what we were eagerly waiting for so long... And I bet that this was one of the best sunrise I have ever seen in my entire life... It was so bright and the rays of the sun were making the white frozen snow sparkle a crystal.. just showing up the magics of nature..

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Beyond this the road seemed all clear and even few of the portion had snow which enhanced the beauty of this place more. We were about to reach Marhi the last place before Rohtang Pass form where the turn leads to Rohtang Pass the Other Valley. The Lahul Valley.

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Marhi seemed like a bit of a portion of a land, a plain land which acts as a platue, the platue of Manali, This was the place... the last one where electricity reached, even being situated at such a high altitude this place getting electricity was a miracle!

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It was around 9: 30 AM when we finally reached Marhi, The last motorable location of Manali beyond which the road lead to Lahul and Spiti beyond which crosssing Rohtang was would make one reach the Himalayan Cold Desert of Lahul and Spiti.. All dry and cold and where the climatic conditions are hard..

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The Place Marhi constituted of few of the shops which were mostly closed and remains open during the summer season for just few months.. as winter was approaching the place was getting covered under snow.. Usually this place used to experience near about ten feet of snow during the winter season which makes this place completely isolated during the winter season...

It was just the only time In which this place had less snow other than summers so therby guys though the climate outside was cold but the clear skies and sunshine made everything just so fantastic.

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As we were finally coming closer to our destination and we were also loosing the cellular network as because of the higher altitude as at this place only steatite communication worked. Form this spot we could nearly see the whole mountain range of Pir Panjal Range and we could nearly see the whole Kullu Valley form this location guys.

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We were at the top of the mountain guys.. and beyond this the road was turning towards the other side of the mountain... I was just amazed to see that how even was a road like this constructed as such an immerse altitude as before the construction of other Highways and tunnels in the valley this road used to be the main highway for the people staying on the other part of the mountain the Lahul and Spiti Valley and after winter season when the road used to get blocked by ten to twenty feet of snow the road usually used to take upto six months to open up.

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After reaching at the top we even saw this temple a buddhist and a Hindu temple at such a location.

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We were finally about to reach our destination for today guys.. The last turing point of the road form which the road would take a turn towards the other side of the mountain.. As it is said the road never ends so it it true guys that the road never ends and made this journey a memorable one..

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I tried for capture each and everything guys so that you can get the exact feel about the place and you could live up the moments of the Himalayas!

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The mountain peaks were also getting bigger and bigger as we were approaching towards them.. these peaks were form the Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas and just right behind them the Zanskar Himalayan Range would start... form the Leh Valley.. constructing a mountain chain of few of the best mountains to hike and trek on..

IMG_3903 Large.jpeg

We were finally at our destination and the milestone stated the location of a place of Lahul and Spiti a village of different location..

IMG_3904 Large.jpeg
We were near around 40-50 Km away form Manali and the location we started and the road was all steep with the best views of the valley. To be very honest guys I enjoyed a lot and got a chance to see this place as raw as it could.. In furure I will try to visit this place again after winter season when this place will be covered under the blanket of Snow.

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So thats all for today guys. I hope you liked it.

All these photos were captured by me using my iPhone 12.

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Do let me know guys that which photograph you liked the most in the comments section.

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Thanks for passing by and your precious time. 🙏
Love form the Himalayas.❤️


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