Immersive Ocean Adventures: A Day Unveiling the Wonders of Odysseo

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Odysseo is the first oceanarium in Mauritius and also the largest in the Mascarene Archipelago. (in our region!)

Opened in 2021, this place has since made a name as one of the most  interesting place to visit on the island. One of the best attractions for families with kids for sure…

Ps. I was among the only few ones in my family who did not yet visited it!

And I have loved the place so much that I can visit it many more times and I won’t be bored…

My wife and Omar - my son!!!
My wife and Omar - my son!!!

Finally visited Odysseo with my kids & family

We bought the tickets online and after 20 minutes drive we reached Odysseo! 
My kids were so exited to discover the wonders of this oceanarium…

Part of my family members who were with me yesterday at Odysseo. This is at the entrance…
Part of my family members who were with me yesterday at Odysseo. This is at the entrance…

Great place to have fun while learning and educating yourself…

Enough talking about the place and let me immerse you into the world of Odysseo…

Odysseo has over 200 different species ranging from small fishes to sharks…as well as eels, lobsters…living corals etc…

Here’s the official website with more infos should you need need:

Everything around the marine life in our ecosystem…

This is what you get to see first once you enter the oceanarium!!!
Big aquariums full of different fishes from our ocean!
Lion fish are very much present and so beautiful too!!!
Lobsters…some very big ones are there!
Another beauty…I missed the names as I was so overwhelmed by the place!!!
We have some spaces for kids to play too…this is located midway the oceanarium!
This is exactly midway…you get to sit and can also order some quick bites and drinks as refreshments before continuing the journey.
Got a ray on cam too…
Zebra sharks are present…
More zebra sharks sleeping…they were idle like this for long minutes!
My daughter Rheem and niece Sofia!
Oh yes…he’s the main character and you get to see some of them around…
Very interactive oceanarium where kids get to play and learn …here is Omar reconstructing sea animals and fish puzzle!
My wife and Omar my son!
Moon jelly fishes…one of the highlights of my visit!
Eels…I saw many different ones!!!
First time coming so close to a shark…
Mesmerizing Jelly Fishes!!!

Here we are friends a little glimpse of my time spent at Odysseo with my family…

I am still out of words about my experience despite having my son who was running here and there making me miss quite many things…

But still I managed to discover so much…

I will definitely go back there very soon and spend some longer time admiring the beauty of our ocean!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Wish you well.


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